I think that since Halloween is around the corner here, we should start preparing for those crazy parties. I already have my costume picked out and ready to rock and roll. I don’t want to give any hints, but I am sure you guys (and maybe gals too) would think it is funny. I live in a college town so when I go out with friends I always notice the abundance of police strolling about (and if you don’t see them, they are probably in street clothes). I see many college students and older folks alike, receiving fines and  getting arrested. Here are a few tips on how to use your phone to get you out of trouble if need be.

1. Use Google Maps, Bing or whatever to plan a route that will keep your exposure on main streets limited. (we are trying to avoid DIPs here)

2. Get a police scanner app and show it to your friends while walking about. (maybe you will hear something worth noting, like where some units are parked and what not)

3. Find a Blood Alcohol Content calculator app to estimate how drunk you are. (this will let you know within a good range if you are able to pass a breathalyzer test)

4. Search Google for websites on where police traps are. I found a few Facebook pages where people constantly update where the 5-0 is.

5. If you think you are about to get caught drunkenly on the sidewalk, pick up your cell phone immediately and act like you are calling your friends for a ride home. Some officers respect the fact that you are “trying” to get off the street, rather than causing a ruckus.


I know these tips are probably much more helpful to college students than anyone else, but I hope you keep them in mind for the future


  1. :):) Thanks for the tips. They are very good ideas!! …I know what you’re going to be for Halloween :):):) Everyone will love it!

  2. IANAL but let me try to add a few items to that list of yours.

    6. When driving, leave windshields up, unless you’re smoking dope in which case lower the front left window. Cops use lowered windshields as a tell for drunkenness.

    7. When pulled over, while pulling over if you have passengers advise them to conceal contraband and to keep quiet while you handle this, immediately put it in park, kill the engine and headlights, put the keys on the dash, and lay both hands on the wheel.

    8. If your car smells or might smell like dope or if your breath smells of anything suspicious, in addition to growing up and quitting weed, only roll down the window enough to have a reasonable width for a conversation in order to contest a warrantless search based on the cop claiming he smelled something giving him probable cause.

    9. When Officer Hardass approaches, initiate the conversation by asking “Hi! Why did you pull me over?” Remember that you have the right not to incriminate yourself and at this point the only thing you can do, unless you’re asking why or if you’re still being detained or declaring that you refuse to consent to a search, is incriminate yourself. You do not need to confess to anything including questions regarding speeding, intoxication or possession. Beware that cops may ask compound questions when seeking search consent to trip you up.

    10. Do not engage the cop in discourse, whether to defend yourself or to inquire how his day is going, even if he leads the way — these men have to meet quotas, not make friends. Respond to questions with questions, namely, and really only, “Am I free to go?” There is no way that talking to a cop can help you in this situation. Nothing you tell the cops that is actually a good thing can be used to help you, exculpatory evidence, hearsay, even if the cop’s on your side. Even if you are 100% innocent of everything in life, the messiah, what you say can still be used against you unless, perhaps, you’re a lawyer and know how the cops operate.

    11. If you are asked to exit your car, lock all the doors as you step out and step out with the door narrowly opened. Makes it harder for him to get his foot in the door of searching you and having the story satisfy a judge.

    12. NEVER EVER consent to a search EVER. If the cop badgers you about it, don’t argue back, just repeat that you are not consenting to a search of your vehicle. The cop cannot be used against you, but in some cases, like plain-sight situations, it can be used to your advantage, having refused.

    13) If the cop threatens you with dogs with the alternative of going easy on you (let you go with a ticket) if you consent and he finds something, call his bluff. If a cop legally has enough of a hunch to search your car, he won’t waste your time seeking you’re blessing. You always have nothing to lose by refusing and might get lucky with a judge suppressing evidence for you, were, Jah forbid, this to go to court.

    14) In the event of being arrested, the only words out of your mouth should be that you’d like a lawyer and nothing else. Mute. If you’re charged with a crime, pony up, borrow if you have to, and get a good lawyer and find out firsthand why they get paid the big bucks. If they let you make a phone call to get someone to bail you out, keep in mind anything said can be used to help convict you.

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