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How to Stay Safe on Halloween the Mobility Digest Way

I think that since Halloween is around the corner here, we should start preparing for those crazy parties. I already have my costume picked out and ready to rock and roll. I don’t want to give any hints, but I am sure you guys (and maybe gals too) would think it is funny. I live in a college town so when I go out with friends I always notice the abundance of police strolling about (and if you don’t see them, they are probably in street clothes). I see many college students and older folks alike, receiving fines and  getting arrested. Here are a few tips on how to use your phone to get you out of trouble if need be.

1. Use Google Maps, Bing or whatever to plan a route that will keep your exposure on main streets limited. (we are trying to avoid DIPs here)

2. Get a police scanner app and show it to your friends while walking about. (maybe you will hear something worth noting, like where some units are parked and what not)

3. Find a Blood Alcohol Content calculator app to estimate how drunk you are. (this will let you know within a good range if you are able to pass a breathalyzer test)

4. Search Google for websites on where police traps are. I found a few Facebook pages where people constantly update where the 5-0 is.

5. If you think you are about to get caught drunkenly on the sidewalk, pick up your cell phone immediately and act like you are calling your friends for a ride home. Some officers respect the fact that you are “trying” to get off the street, rather than causing a ruckus.


I know these tips are probably much more helpful to college students than anyone else, but I hope you keep them in mind for the future