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Mobile Fun Weekly Roundup: Extended Batteries, PS Vita, G-Form and Toma cases and Much More

Hey it’s been a while since I’ve posted the weekly round up from our friends over at Mobile Fun so I’ve got two weeks worth for you. They seen to be getting all kinds of great stuff in across their sites for pretty much everything you can imagine. They seem to be a great source for the latest and greatest accessories for the stuff that’s just comes out or is coming out and of course Mobile Carries the newest sim free phones as well!

Remember when the Genuine Samsung Extended Battery Kit was released for the Samsung Galaxy S2?  It was a massive seller and S2 users were really grateful for it as it added a chunk more battery life.  Well now Samsung are releasing the Genuine Samsung Extended Battery Kit for Galaxy Nexus and we’re going to be stocking it :)  It’s due in stock in 4-6 weeks and will cost £27.95.

Like the S2 kit, the Nexus one comes with a 2000mAh battery and a replacement cover as the battery is slightly larger than the standard stock battery, but in return you get an extra 11.8 hours talktime so it’s definitely worth the small bulk.


But wait there’s not just one Extended Battery Kit for the Nexus – we have two!  (dun dun duuuun); the second is the Seidio Innocell Extended Life Battery which has a whopping 3000mAh battery and a replacement cover so you get even more extra battery life.  This one is a little more expensive though costing £59.95 and it’ll be available soon.

The Playstation Vita was released in the UK this week so products have been working their little socks off to source some PS Vita accessories.  Personally I think one of the best they’ve sourced is the Official Playstation Vita Starter Kit.  All in one place, it’s got everything you need to get started on your Vita, from aPS Vita case to a PS Vita screen protector, plus a pouch, wrist strap, cleaning cloth and games case – all for £23.99.


Over at Gear Zap they’ve sourced a great new Macbook Pro case which according to the video has been dropped from space! and it still lived to tell the tale – that’s pretty impressive.  The case is called the G-Form Extreme Sleeve and it’s coming soon costing £79.95.  As the video shows this case is one hell of a tough cookie – the X on the case most definitely stands for extreme.  With this case no damage will ever come to your Macbook and the style of the case even looks pretty futuristic to make it stand out from the crowd.

Finally over at LoveCases they’ve received stock of some gorgeous Toma Sony NEX case styles.  My favourite is the Toma Sony NEX-5 Camera Case + Half Case.  I like that it has the half case which sits comfortably on the camera, then the second half of the case which protects the lens of the camera too.  It’s a multi-functional Sony Nex 5n Case at heart which protects, looks stylish and above all is functional for when you’re out and about.  It’s available now for £24.99.

So as you know it’s been the MWC this week so there’s an awful lot of handset news, prices and release dates to let you know about.  A couple of the handsets have really caught my eye and could tempt me to covert to Android and they seem to be causing a stir with a few people in the office.  Anywho here’s the handset run down:

  • Sim Free HTC One Xthis handset is getting a lot of people excited with its Quad Core power, Beats Audio and giant 4.7" screen – We’ll be selling this handset for £499.95 and we reckon it’ll be in stock in early April (no confirmed date though)
  • Sim Free HTC One Sslightly cheaper than the HTC One X, the S will be sold for £419.95 when it arrives in April.  It has a slightly smaller screen than the One X and an aluminium build, complete with a speedy dual-core processor.  It looks the part and is definitely a handset to look out for.
  • Sim Free Nokia Lumia 610 – said to be the cheapest Windows 7.5 phone, we’ll be stocking the Lumia 610 from the 11th June.  It’s a great addition to the Lumia range with a 5MP camera and 3.7" display and you can personalise the homescreen as you like.
  • Sim Free Nokia 808 PureView – this is the monster 41MP camera handset, designed purely for mobile imagery.  We’ll be stocking it from the 7th May, running Symbian Belle, with a 1.5GHz processor and a cool 4" AMOLED Gorilla Glass display.  It’s sleek stylish and means serious business when it comes to images.
  • Sim Free Nokia Lumia 900 – Another Lumia handset, the Lumia 900 has a special screen finish to reduce reflections and glare.  It’s fast, runs Windows 7.5, has great storage, an 8MP camera and we’ll be selling it from the 9th April.
  • Sim Free Nokia Asha 300 – More of an entry-level handset, the Asha 300 has a keyboard and touchscreen combo, so it’s great for those who want the feelings of a smartphone without giving up the keyboard.  We’ll be selling it for £102.95.
  • Sim Free Sony Xperia P – NFC enabled with HDMI, a 1GHz dual core processor and 4" reality display, we’ll be selling the Xperia P for £379.95 from April 23rd.
  • Sim Free Sony Xperia U – stylish and compact, the Xperia U has a 1GHZ dual-core processor, 5MP camera and 3.5" display.  It’s more of a low-end handset but great for those new to smartphones or those who want a smartphone without shelling out.  It costs £234.95 and will be available from 23rd April.
  • Sim Free LG Optimus L3 – a low en handset costing only £114.95, the Optimus L3 will be with us from March 30th.  Its similar to the Prada 3.0, but without the Prada label and has a nice 3.2" display.

Right that’s all the handsets out the way – quite a few there for you to look at.  Personally I think the One X, 808 PureView and maybe Lumia 900 will be the most popular but that’s just my opinion 🙂

Next up is a new brand to Mobile Fun for iPhone 4/4S – it’s called LifeProof and offers a range of cases designed to protect your iPhone is all situations.

The LifeProof iPhone 4 case comes in black or white and offer 360 degree protection for your iPhone including the screen.  Using the case gives you the freedom to go skiing, surfing, hiking or anywhere with your phone without the fear of damaging it.  The case has been made to Uk and US military standards and has an IP-68 rating against water and dust – so it’s fair to say it’s pretty protective.  We have the LifeProof cases in stock now and they cost £69.95.

Like Samsung with their official accessories, Sony have released a range of official accessories for the Xperia S.  There’s the Sony Xperia S SMA6118B Hard Shell (as seen above) costing £14.99, the Sony Xperia S SMA5118B Leather Flip Case also costing £14.99 and the Sony Xperia S SMA3118B Pouch Casewhich we don’t have a price for yet.  All of the products will be of extremely high quality and fit the Xperia S like a glove.  We think they’re going to be just as popular as the official Samsung accessories.

Over at GearZap they’ve started to source a Raspberry Pi Power Supply range, as the clever little computer doesn’t come with a power supply.  The Portable Power Pack recharges your Raspberry Pi for 4 to 8 hours and is compatible with the Model A Raspberry Pi device.  The Pi is a clever, cheap, credit card sized device which is said to help children learn code – its accessories have proven to be really popular on GearZap.


Finally over at LoveCases they’ve had some new Crumpler accessories in stock, including a Crumpler camera case range and this really cool Crumpler Singapore Sling Camera Strap.  The Sling Strap attaches to your camera, so you can comfortably carry your camera around, either slung over or around your neck so it’s really easy to pick up and take quick shots when you’re out and about.  The sling can also be used with camera cases so that you can protect and carry your camera in style.  the sling is only £19.99 and it’s in stock now.