OK so we’re calling it the HD3 cause that’s what it calls itself. These pictures are from a Taiwanese forum but it’s a real device in hands. The kickstand idea cuts both ways for me. There’s clearly another piece of metal with the HD3 logo that seems like a more natural fit for a kickstand but I’ll take it however it comes I guess. It seems to generally be the size of the HD2 but is more curved but maybe that’s just how the light hits it. The fact that the 3.5mm jack bulges the body a drop means it’s slightly thinner at the edges.

Anyway, you guys into it? It works for me overall





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  1. What is the phone next to it? In any case with each HTC release the devices are looking better. Now I have to decide between this and the Surround. Wait, is it coming to the US? Better darn well should!

  2. I think they are two of the same but one is slightly tilted forward so it appears larger. Anyways, this is the best HTC WP7 I’ve seen of all the ones leaked previously.

  3. it looks pretty good to me. it might still be “one piece” of metal.. being that the hd3 logo is just adhered or anchored to the back of the phone.. who knows. i think the kick stand is something else.. id ove to see a phone with dual kickstands so you can type on it while its standing. when i push buttons on the right side of my brothers EVO it tilts or falls over.

  4. Its funny reading articles about this because there is alot more backlash and negative posts than I thought i’d see (percentage wise). People have been screaming for an HD2 inspired WP7 device and now the floodgates are open and people are questioning HTC’s lack of hardware innovation. Kind of funny if you ask me.

  5. Totally agree that my slide out keyboard days are over with Swype. According to reports, the on-screen keyboard from MS is pretty good, but having Swype as an alternative would be even better. Overall I love the design of the device. I have been nursing my Fuze along for just under two years now and I am craving a bigger screen. Now if HTC would just add AT&T to the list offering this phone I would be totally onboard.

  6. @George McKinnis: @George I don’t think anyone is taking your posts as a “poke” against HTC. People have different requirements and they should be able to express them. I am railing or pleading, depending on how you look at it, against all the manufacturers for not adding in more than 8GB of memory. I tend to agree that any on-screen keyboard is not going to address your document editing requirements. I am an IT professional myself, but in my inustry attaching any device to either my corporate or customer networks is highly restricted/banned. However I would love to utilize some of the functionality you describe in my home network :-) My use case is more consumption focused to include entertainment and a big screen with a slim profile and good storage fits the requirement. BTW – In looking at the specs no one has really addressed the battery issue. If I recall it is around 1350mAh. Not having any experience with a large screen phone, is that a decent amount of battery?

  7. I’ll try to keep this short and to the point. I agree totally the Swype feature is an improvement on inputting text into a message. However, my posts are not a poke or jab on HTC in anyway shape or form. I’ve been using and pushing their products from Day 1 and believe they are best!!!

    Having said that, I DO NOT use my phone or devices for entertainment purposes as the majority of most seem to do. Such as texting “LOL” every other text message, playing games, listening to music or simply streaming and watching videos. Not saying I don’t enjoy those features, but that is not my main agenda on a hourly bases with my phone. I’m an I.T. Professional who uses MS Office Mobile and RDP like most every one else uses a custom ringtone. The capabilities and speed of my device (HD2) to complete these hourly tasks, when my laptop is unavailable, is very important to me.

    I can assure you, it is not possible to type or edit a document using an onscreen keyboard, even with the outstanding feature SWYPE, as you can with a slide out keyboard. Again it is all about what you use the device for. I simply stated in my professional opinion, I believe if HTC were to somehow be able to add a full slide out keyboard to a device like the HD2, your inventory stock better be a warehouse full.

    As Always, keep up the outstanding work you do HTC!!!

  8. I agree with you Chris. In today’s world I think they need to be adding more than the 8GB internal memory. I still use the 16GB MicroSD card as an addition. Just haven’t dropped the coin for the 32GB MicroSD yet.

    As far as the battery life goes, its reasonable for the device. I wouldn’t be a good person to ask because I’m constantly plugging it into the laptop or car so it’s always got a full charge for me in most cases. However, when I do sit around the house doing things with it or at the races I usually get through the day for the most part. It all depends on what and how you use it.

  9. lI’m an IT guy and a CTO. Since my wife changed to a hd2 i kind of envy her but to me a physical keyboard with tactile feedback and not taking most of screen space from an RDP or SSH session or a document is a major absent feature.

    hell, i still use a sony P990i despite its numerous drawbacks and closedness with general lack of perspective for the device. But both the 1X2inch keyboard block and the stylus together are cool and cancel out each other’s inconveniences. This is written by the stylus in a subway train.

    While my wife believes that slide-out or built-in keyboards’ days are over, and/because there’s too little true market share for them, she confirms that she couldn’t type a text on her hd2 as fast as i write it. now (and type over some mistakes).

    If it’s really about market, and there are too few power users like us it pros, i’d like to remind the marketering guys that many prospect buyers start their market research for new hardware by asking people they trust – including it people who run their offices.

    if such it pro says “i dismissed htc ’cause they didn’t have a keyboard” or “i chose X because they did” – it might influence the other buyer’s choice of brand even if they could care less about a keyboard at all.

    so yes, i too look forward to a device with performance and screen of a hd2 or more, and enabled with a keyboard and/or stylus.

    //ji m

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