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Fruit Ninja + Pirates + Free = Pirates Ahoy

Fruit Ninja got a lot of press the other day when it was released for Windows Phone and it’s hard to compete with Xbox Live achievements and the goodies that come with it. But Pirates Ahoy is a free games that’s nearly identical. Well, that is if you substitute fruit and ninjas for fish and pirates. Oh and it’s free (there are ads after the game ends). In classic mode you get to miss up to three fish and it automatically ends if you accidentally cut a skull. You get bonuses for slashing multiple sea creatures with one swing. There’s also a drunk mode where a meter goes down as you miss fish and hit skulls and it builds up for hits and multiple fish with one swipe. It’s a lot more forgiving than classic mode since a single wring swipe doesn’t end the game. Oh and both have multitouch enabled if you can manage swinging with more than one sword at a time. You also get to compete internationally for best high score. The graphics and gameplay are on par with Fruit Ninja as well and in fact the initial load time is a lot better…oh and you get some pirate gggrrrs to go with it. Anyway, it’s available in marketplace for free and for my two cents, I’ve been paying it more than Fruit Ninja.