WMPU must have a good source because they’ve just gotten another HTC HD7 leak. This time it’s the specifications. Not to preempt your enthusiasm, but it’s pretty much an HD2 with a few minor modifications to the button layout. The size is even almost identical. Still looks like no tv-out and I’m still not happy that the camera is not upgraded to 8mp. With all that said, I think it still sells a lot. Most people have no idea what the specs of their phone are and this is going to be a slim phone with a new OS and be fast so we may shun it a bit but I think HTC and TMo will do just fine. Oh and there are LED status lights for WP7. That was close…



  1. @stefymarty: 100% confirmed that it will not be there. It’s prohibited by the terms of WP7 (native access) at this point and was explicitly confirmed as not being available by Brandon Watson.

  2. I need a freaking physical keyboard on a HD2 type of phone!! Unless a phone like that on comes out I am not switching to WP7 from my HD2.

  3. well hopefully the AT&T one is slightly better. also – does anyone know if swype will be available for WP7? there is no way i can go back to pecking letters.

  4. My main question, aside from why there is such abysmal storage, is why is this not an HSPA+ Phone?
    Unless AWS is HSPA+

  5. Noooo, what a crap, that is ot even a Desire HD, no front camera, less RAM, just 5 Mpixel cam. I wait since one year for HD3, but this is the most disappointment HTC ever introduced, it is in NO Area better then my HD2 ! Such a crap! HTC you can keep it, I switch to Samsung Galaxy 9000 ! Godbye

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