Here’s states it: had exclusive access to the new HTC Mozart, a Windows Phone equipment 7 very interesting. One of the components that still few people had access to was the HUB interface HTC, which presents itself as the best ever made by HTC.

We can see that the weather animation matches what we saw earlier today in the HTC video. Looks like HTC is still working on its customization as its getting ready to launch devices. Oh the video, right:

You can see they have a HUB (a collection of apps) on the homescren as a tile that contains clock, weather, stocks, photo enhancer, converter and ‘get more’. So you can likely pin the apps individually onto the homescreen or use them within the HTC HUB. Looks all Sensy in that screen shot, right? Let’s see where this goes…any more HTC WP7 leaks for today?


  1. Sorry but this goes against every concept of the Metro UI and does not match any of the native UI elements. Why does HTC feel they need to be different? This will only encourage 3rd party devs to start ignoring the UI guidelines as well then we’ll end up with an inconsistent look across the platform. Great, nice way to destroy the consistency MS is trying to achieve.

    HTC, if you want to destroy a mobile platform please stick to android, WP7 doesnt need this gratuituous eye-candy rubbish.

  2. i feel like htc should stick to making apps not a hub. like for example, just preload the phone with a weather app, a stock app, ect.

  3. @efjay:

    They’re doing this to appeal to longtime HTC users, especially those who’ve had HTC Sense on their Android devices. I think it’s a nice add on, especially since I personally believe the Metro UI to be butt ugly, but not a deal-breaker, as Windows Phones CAN be pretty good (we’ll see in the long run)

    Because of how WP7 is made, users can choose whether or not to use HTC Hub, unlike Android phones where it comes pre-loaded and must be rooted to remove it. So if you don’t like it, guess what? You don’t have to use it. In fact, you can even uninstall it.

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