It seemed a bit suspicious how image or video samples  from HTC’s newly announced One were scarce. The device featured an industry low 4MP shooter with a boat load of technology to make up for the megapixel count short coming. I was indeed excited to see what these images would look like, as this was a bold move for HTC. Well, the boys at wmpoweruser came across a blog posting with both images and a video sample.

If these images are to be any indicator to the HTC One’s photography performance, this device is terrible at it! There was enough grain and over exposure to qualify the HTC One for best in class shooter if it was a calculator! Even so, I will hold on to my reserves. Was the lens clean? Was the person hold still enough? Lets wait till I get one in my hand to damn its performance, but based on this pics and video, things aren’t looking too good.


  1. When will HTC learn that their software offerings suck, and that they should focus on hardware and build quality which they do very well. Maybe after it’s too late.

  2. I’ve looked at the video a few times. It looks damn good to me!! I used my upgrade to get a Lumia 920 two weeks ago and gave to my girl for a valentines/birthday present. She wasn’t into to phones at all. She had my old Focus and only used a quarter of the stuff she could have used. That changed the day I gave her the Lumia, I don’t get to use her phone more twenty minutes a day. In over two weeks haven’t even be able to put all the music she had the Focus onto the 920.
    I mentioned that to say while I’ve seen some first hand video on a 920, it’s not extensive. That video looks good to me, but…..I have to ask where was this event held. It looks like they held in a Laser Tag arena. The crazy floor, stratch up display podiums, and lights going back and forth. If that’s the case then the video is even more impressive. If however it’s in an art gallery( which in my experiences is more well lit than Laser Tag) then I may agree with you.

    • It is always telling when a company makes a bold claim but never actually prepares a direct comparison. Everybody in the industry cites the Lumia 920 as the head of the class in video and low-light picture quality. There wasn’t a single Lumia 920 around, heck not even an iPhone 5 or Galaxy S III to test it against.

      Somebody tried to do a comparison to show off the One’s camera but used a Nexus 4 which always comes out last in smartphone shootouts.

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