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HTC One image and video samples, once again, no thank you

It seemed a bit suspicious how image or video samples  from HTC’s newly announced One were scarce. The device featured an industry low 4MP shooter with a boat load of technology to make up for the megapixel count short coming. I was indeed excited to see what these images would look like, as this was a bold move for HTC. Well, the boys at wmpoweruser came across a blog posting with both images and a video sample.

If these images are to be any indicator to the HTC One’s photography performance, this device is terrible at it! There was enough grain and over exposure to qualify the HTC One for best in class shooter if it was a calculator! Even so, I will hold on to my reserves. Was the lens clean? Was the person hold still enough? Lets wait till I get one in my hand to damn its performance, but based on this pics and video, things aren’t looking too good.