There are no specs to go along with the leak, but judging by the pics there is no front facing cam. Which means neither of these devices are for me! I am hoping these are early moc ups of the devices, and that HTC wouldn’t be that clueless to release new generation phones without front facing cams. what do you guys think, Yay or Nay?


source lifestylesdefined


  1. Do we know for sure that Mango brings FFC support? So far its all been conjecture, wouldn’t surprise me if it turns out there is no support.

  2. Yes there is FFC support in Mango. If HTC releases devices without the FFC they need to give up the premium hardware game.

  3. @MuraniL

    I do not believe that is confirmed. There are no devices announced yet that show front-facing cameras.

    The Sea Ray, built of the N9, conspicuously does not. Thus, I suspect no FFC support in Mango.

    Ironic, given that MS owns Skype.

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