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MS Confirms : Windows Phone 7 Will Sync to Macs

Ok so that didn’t take long at all. Since MS had a leak they clarified the situation…and the answer? From Cnet “Later in 2010 Microsoft will make a public beta available of a tool that allows Windows Phone 7 to sync select content with Mac computers.” In other words, it is NOT Zune but it will allow syncing. Cnet notes “Microsoft has been working on a piece of Mac software that will allow certain content to be shared with a Windows Phone 7 device.” OK so it means that Microsoft did not shut out a large potential segment of the market so that’s good news for their platform. As for Zune, I’d still expect it within 6 months so complete their ecosystem and compete with Apple head to head.

Anyone predict that it would not be Zune? Oh and no, it’s likely not Mark/Space if MS is making it themselves, but I still like the image…