Still seems like there’s some time for a release as they don’t give a date (other than the holidays). Remember, this is a relatively low end phone relative to the crowd but it’s still a welcomed addition:

Today, T-Mobile announced the upcoming availability of the HTC Radar™ 4G, our first Windows® Phone capable of 4G speeds on America’s Largest 4G Network®. The completely customizable smartphone pairs rich mobile entertainment features with the top-notch communications experience delivered by the latest version of Windows Phone, code-named Mango. This intuitive new operating system update will keep HTC Radar 4G customers connected and entertained just about wherever life takes them with its new and innovative communication features centered on people, along with preloaded entertainment applications and the ability to multitask between apps.

The HTC Radar 4G is elegantly crafted with an aluminum unibody design for a sleek and stylish appearance. Sporting a large 3.8-inch LCD touch screen display with a virtual QWERTY keyboard and powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon™ processor, the HTC Radar 4G delivers an efficient mobile communications experience at 4G speeds. The smartphone provides a comprehensive productivity experience with fully integrated Microsoft® Exchange and calendar as well as Microsoft Office Hub and Internet Explorer® 9 for a fast, beautiful Web experience. Additionally, the new smartphone is equipped with dedicated camera button for easy access to the 5-megapixel camera with LED flash so you never miss a photo opportunity, even if the phone is locked.

The HTC Radar 4G is expected to be available at T-Mobile in the U.S. in time for the holidays. More information will be available at


  1. So what is the list looking like of top shelf WPs that are very likely to start selling within the next couple months in the US?

    I understand the Focus S, top shelf-enough, hit the FCC and is supposed to go to AT&T? Verizon getting anything? Is that an any-minute-now situation or a sometime-after-the-iphone-cools-down situation? And the Titan should start selling soon somewhere, but no plans known for the US? The Sea Ray is up in the air depending if you believe rumors over CEOs?

    Phone buyers are much more likely to buy phones in November and December versus the rest of the year, like in the neighborhood of several fold, and if Microsoft fails to adequately blitz the shelves in time, as in real soon, then not only do they miss out on the lubed up rate of sales, the competition does not miss out on the heavy sales.

    Which would suck and leave a lot of people feeling winded and pissed off.

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