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RealTube – Revamped and Set Free

RealTube isn’t just another YouTube player for Windows Phones. It’s actually a flash video player and because of that you can watch content from CNN, DailyMotion, Funny Or Die and MSN Video as well as YouTube. And on top of that you get to watch the original 480p resolution which matches Windows Phones’ resolution. All of the other YouTube clients for Windows Phones have to play the mp4 which is typically a 360p video that they need to upscale or a 720p video that has to be scaled down. Either mp4 option leaves you with either poor video quality or wasted bandwidth, CPU/GPU and battery. That’s not the case with RealTube so you have more content available and at the right resolution.

The latest version of RealTube comes with the following features:

  • Search and browse using Bing Video Search
  • Supports multiple web video sites:
    YouTube, CNN, DailyMotion, Funny Or Die and MSN Video
  • Best quality Windows Phone video app: 480p ‘native’ resolution playback
  • Download unlimited videos (based on available storage)
  • Save videos as favourites
  • Share videos via Twitter, SMS or Email
  • Plays FLV, MP4 and WMV format videos
  • Turn on and off individual site search in settings
  • Choice of paid and ad-supported versions available
  • Adult content filter & Zune history disable option

And there’s now two versions of it. The paid version is just $1 and has a 15 day trial. The new free version is ad supported but you can register to remove ads. Here’s the link to that version. This is actually an app I use on a regular basis and the updates only keep me going back to it.