htc-radiantLast week we got tipped from Paul Thurrott that we would see an announcement from AT&T about their LTE enabled Windows Phones coming in 2012 at the CES show in Las Vegas. As a matter of fact, the Nokia ACE, the HTC Radiant, and the Samsung Mendel will be the LTE trifecta for Microsoft.  Originally rumored to release with “Tango”, it is looking more like these devices will remain “Mangonized” for now.

Today however, Pocketnow is claiming to have the goods on the first picture of the HTC Radiant, the LTE hot rod heading to AT&T. As you can see from the picture, it looks almost identical to the current HTC Titan. Nothing wrong with that, but wonder why AT&T broke from old habits and didn’t call it the Titan 2 and really confuse some folks!

The specs are all pretty much in line with the current HTC Titan except some back cover changes. Looks like the case has  a lower plastic shroud and the dual LED flash has been moved to the right side. There will be the same 1.5GHz processor which has yet to fail me on the Titan, but we will see what the 1600 mAh battery life, which is stellar on the Titan ends up being with LTE on it. Lastly, word is that our friends down under will get the Radiant on Telstra.

Stay tuned for more on the Consumer Electronic Show announcements and the HTC Radiant heading to AT&T sporting some LTE goodness!


  1. If it is Titan with LTE support then it would be a run-away hit definitely. After spending couple of weeks on Titan, I really don’t want to go back for anything lesser size on it. Reading Emails, PDFs, Word Docs, Surfing Web is really marvellous and actually letting me to keep my Sprint Galaxy Tab (original) at home.

  2. Yeah, but how many LTE areas is AT&T going to have during the life span of the Radiant? I would have phased out the Titan, and made the Radiant a Titan II, it has the same specs and OS. If Thurrott is right, it will be Mango, not Tango, or is it Wango? Maybe the Wango Tango? LOL

    But yes, I love the Titan too!

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