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MyBookie To Get Office Pools This Weekend

I’ve mentioned MyBookie a number of times here. It’s a Windows Phone game/Facebook app that lets you bet on real sports with virtual money and it’s getting positive reviews across the board. And it’s about to get a sweet upgrade. Coming this Sunday, on Facebook you’ll be able to add Office Pools so you can make a private betting group. This is going to be sweet for March Madness. It’s also coming to the mobile version in the coming months and MyBookie is already in the works for Android and iPhone users.

Here’s the official press release but if you recall there’s a free and paid version of MyBookie in the WP7 Marketplace now (with the paid version giving you more money to bet with) and the Facebook tie-in gives you even more betting potential and will soon give you the office pool feature:

The game designers at Psydian Interactive Ltd listen to user’s feedback to keep MyBookie fun and exciting. With the addition of Office Pools, users can now play directly with their friends in a personalized game, designed to maximize the competitive spirit that makes MyBookie engaging- regardless of the sport. Find the Office Pool that right for you or design your own Office Pool and invite your Facebook friends and enemies. You decide how the game is played!

About MyBookie:

A strategy game based on fantasy sports betting, MyBookie represents a true milestone for Microsoft’s new mobile operating system as it was the first application to launch simultaneously on both Facebook and the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. Set in a gamescape fueled by virtual currency, MyBookie combines real-time Vegas lines with live sporting events and encourages players to build their fortune using strategy and personal ingenuity. Players have the ability to cash in “Reputation Chips” call in “Bonus” and “Insurance Favors” to play smart and stay ahead in this fast-paced, high-stakes game. Learn more by visiting:

MyBookie Mobile Features include:

· League support includes: NFL, NCAA Football, NBA, NCAA Basketball, MLB, and NHL

· Daily/Weekly event schedules: Place your virtual wager days in advance

· Live game scores and information including current Vegas odds

· Multiple betting scenarios including: Game Spread, Moneyline, Over/Under, and Parlays

· Users earn Reputation Chips for in-game cash, or to call in unique “Favors” from MyBookie

· Parlay up to four events across multiple sports to increase win payout

· Wager history and analysis across multiple sports for an entire year

· Daily and consecutive login bonuses

· Facebook leaderboard integration and rewards

· iPhone and Android versions are currently in development

Great concept.

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