I was just strolling through the AT&T website and noticed that the HTC Tilt 2 was still being offered but was out of stock. I know this is not really news worthy, but it was AT&T’s last high end Windows Mobile phone after they made the horrible decision to skip the HD2 and let T-Mobile get it. I actually bought the Tilt 2 on release day, reviewed it, and then never used it again in favor of getting an Australian version of the HD2 that I could run on AT&T and still use 3G. T-Mobile’s version of the HD2, when finally unlocked, could run on the AT&t network, but not use 3G.

The Tilt 2, which ran HTC’s Sense UI and was the saving grace for Windows Mobile at the consumer level also sported a very nice slide out keyboard, which in some situations I do miss. On screen keyboards even on smaller screen devices have really evolved and even fat fingered guys like me can achieve a level of proficiency with them. With it’s chrome bezel, the Tilt 2 was a very sexy device and while thick because of the slide out keyboard, still fit in your hand nicely and worked well with one handed operation.

Even though many you may be wondering why this is even news worthy and is being posted, it is the original Tilt, that kicked off our community and started us on our journey to what is now Mobility Digest. Many of our readers are still around from our Tilt Site and Tilt Mobility days and it would be great to hear from you. If you were a Tilt owner, or Tilt Mobility reader, drop a comment and wave goodbye to Windows Mobile one last time, and let us know what device you are sporting these days. Let’s rock out this comment thread!

Lastly, there are lot of writers that have come and gone from our community, some I keep in contact with, some disappeared off the face of the Earth. Many thanks to them, especially Tyler Earman, Mobile Matt Chapman, Herg, Vince Koser, Ryan Kummerle, Phil Pietrowski, Chris Motch, and Steve Davis, who were good friends and colleagues. And thanks to all our current writers and readers. Please help keep us going. Send us news and tips, or just money. We ain’t picky which. LOL


  1. I had both the Tilt and the Tilt 2. And that is how I found this website. :) For now though, it is Android all the way!

  2. Yay nostalgia time. Had a soft enough spot for that phone that I made a website for it (well, a subdomain), though if I recall they kind of screwed up the keyboard, too big, but the Fuze was on the small side. The one before the Fuze, the 8925? Think they had the keyboard right on that one. But maybe I’m mixing that up with another, — whatever, soft keyboards ftw. Good post (relatively speaking).

  3. Sense/TouchFlo was/is overrated by the way. Had a very information-packed today screen without it on WM5, TodayAgenda and a bunch of other shit. Which maybe makes sense, that I’m not all over the fruity tiles like the rest of you (except Keith with whom I’m in full agreement).

  4. It took me a while to get use to Sense on my WM phones. When Sense 3.0 came out, I finally made the switch. The ability to add and remove tabs was nice. But when WM 6.5 came out, I really liked the “zune” style of WM 6.5. That is when I switched back…lol

  5. I got into WinMo with the Fuze. Now I have the Tilt 2 with a nice Energy ROM flashed. It does everything I need it to right now, while I wait for other OSes to make a big enough leap forward for me to switch.

  6. I had the Fuze which I loved. My wife had the Tilt and the Tilt2. Now we’re both Android fans. She had the Samsung Fascinate, and I’ve got the HTC Thunderbolt. I miss the slide-out keyboard, but gladly traded it for 4G. Quickly adapted to Swype, If I never go back to ATT, It will be too soon. My son has the Droid X, also an awesome phone! The ability to actually manage the device well is much appreciated,

  7. Ha, I was using my Sprint TP2 until a month ago when I gave the phone to my sister to use. The Zune-ish aspect to WM6.5 was nice and actually very info centric. In the end the hardware and the lackluster app store killed the platform. That and the slow, if ever, update system.

  8. I think Sense delivers the first few things anyone opening their device wants to know, time and weather, but still had a decent calender area under for easy viewing. The tabs at the bottom were very customizable and displayed notifications well. Even the animations towards the end were decent. To me the other plug ins made the today screen too busy.

  9. I am stuck with AT&T where I live. T-Mobile and Verizon are horrible here. I cannot live with the devices offered by Cellular South. I must have the latest device! LOL I am hoping AT&T lands a decent Mango device or the iPhone 5 has a larger screen.

  10. Too busy, well, now that you’ve got Sense or fruity tiles or whatever, maybe you’re not too busy to write a good in depth piece of WiMAX vs LTE, the technology (like battery, range, throughput, not which is more widely deployed so much). I’m thinking about Sprint if T-Mo gets too infected by AT&T, wondering if I’ll be keeping WiMAX off most of the time for battery sake (which by the way I don’t think you can do with LTE). While you’re at it maybe throw HSPA+ and the even better HSPA+s into the mix, or maybe a separate article.

    In exchange maybe I’ll write an expose on all the things I can’t do anymore with Android that I could with WinMo, though I cannot promise a long article this time around — unless you ask me to write the same but about WinPho… :P

    Man I loved my WinMo phones (at the time). EnergyROM and Da_G were the best, no doubt. I’ve got like three hundred cabs on blownfuze. I was convinced, as I am now but with Android and a little more firmly convinced, that it was the best and that I’d never use anything else.

    Favorite winmo apps people? Favorite apps, I’ll start: WMWifiRouter, pRSSReader, TrackMe, G-Alarm, BeeLineGPS, FlexMail (for IMAP-IDLE support which POutlook lacked), DopeWars, AEButton Plus, CABviaActiveSync, SiriusWM5, PPCPimBackup, AdvancedConfig, DiamondTweak, Lumos, MortPlayer, Putty, FTP Server for WinMo, Handy Sniffer, BatteryStatus, WiFiFoFum, Touch InCall Screen Tweak, VAlert, TimeSyncTZ,… memories. AEBPlus was really indispensable back in the day of phones with more than two hard keys.

  11. Interesting to see most of us moved on from WM to Android…I really couldn’t go iPhone and at the time, WP7 wasn’t released…and I did another 2 year contract on the Samsung Infuse…I really like WP7 but it isn’t “geeky” enough for me…

  12. Today I’m sporting my…….ATT Tilt 2. I had a Tilt, Fuze, and Tilt 2 before moving to the Samsung Captivate. However, when the screen on my Captivate went south on me a few days ago, I popped the SIM back into the Tilt 2 until my replacement arrives. I must add, the battery life on the Tilt 2 does seem a lot better than the Captivate.

  13. I found this site when I had a tilt and then moved to a tilt 2, now on iPhone 4. I do miss the keyboard every now and then, but that is about it. I thought I would really miss the customization, but it is nice to have a phone that just works, without flashing the latest energy ROM every other day. I was a multiple time daily visitor to XDA, but haven’t been back there since I got the iPhone 4. I still come here often and subscribe via Twitter to see what’s going on…

  14. I remember when I got mine in Oct 09 close to Halloween… I was jazzed that I finally was able to upgrade as my wife had got an iPhone 3GS in June. I couldn’t wait to upgrade from my original Tilt… Less than 30 days in I started flashing Energy roms… But I still noticed what my wife could do… Take better pictures (and faster), type on screen easier, easier interface, and make/answer phone calls easily, and that no 3.5mm jack/use the adapter crap (FAIL!!!)… I was however in love with the speakerphone and face down activation feature, I took many conference calls on my couch with that, and its still the best speakerphone Ive ever used. But the lagging, memory leaks, constant flashing, lackluster camera even after I popped out the plastic lens on the battery cover (I’m not impressed by the Thunderbolts either, typical HTC sub par cameras) and the resistive screen left me wanting. I was tethering my iPod touch to my tilt 2 and using the iPod at work for almost everything…. Then when AT&T didn’t get the HD2 I was heartbroken… I contemplated buying the Telstra one, but $800-$900 for a phone on a platform that was ending… NEVER. My wife kept telling me “Stop BS’n and come to the dark side” “Drink the Kool Aid, it soooo good” (her actual words). So I bought my 3GS on Craigslist and never looked back… . I am trying to see if I can run Android on my Tilt… But the kernel etc stuff seems so foreign to me lol… To this day it is still a sexy device and I cant part with it to my wifes chagrin. If it does go it will go to one of those charities that supply cell phones to soldiers overseas…

    My favorite cabs…
    Cookies Home Tab
    Oist (custom sms tones LOVED IT)
    Power SMS

  15. I came along when the site was named Fuzemobility.

    I had the Tilt 2 and could not wait to get rid of it for my Cappy. I had to turn sense off because it was a memory hog. You could not get a cover for the chrome bezel and eventually it chipped.

    If WM7 or Mango is accepted by the masses, I may go that route but I doubt it very seriously. Everyone talks about how good WM7/Mango is but when I go to Web os sites, those users have the same opinion. Like WM7 users, Web OS users think that crap will eventually catch on like iOS or Android. Good luck with all of that

  16. I remember those days with my Tilt.. Truly satisfied with my Focus (WP7). I do miss the late nite ROM flashing.

  17. @RowdyC:

    Fascinating how heard mentality is a big influencer of consumer purchases. Anyway, had a Tilt2 at one point but it never did much for me. Sense has always been so overrated to me, other than that weather and time, which was pretty hot.

  18. Still using my Tilt2, but like many of you I ditched Sense. It’s nice, but lumbering.

    The Zune interface doesn’t gum up. I do rely on Opera Mini, as it is the zippiest browser for this phone by far.

  19. My first smartphone was a fuze, which brought me to blownfuze & fuze mobility. Then after my 3rd fuze died warranty gave me a tilt2. Finally upgraded to the focus back in march and never looked back.

  20. I miss my Touch Pro(s) and I miss my Mogul. Only some days. Venue Pro serves my purposes well nowadays. Daily XDA surfing for cabs, ROMs, tricks and fixes have now turned to…well… Weekly XDA surfing for apk’s, ROMs, tricks and fixes for my Encore. I think the underlying reason why I bought the Nook Color was to treat it like I treated my old phones. Which is cool to do occasionally but not long term.

    Additionally, a sprint store near me is still selling the Touch Pro 2, and almost all the employees there call the 7 Pro/Arrive a windows mobile 7 device. People will never learn.

  21. I couldn’t buy the Tilt 2 knowing the HD 2 was available. But today my daughter wants it. Trying to catch it in stock. Today She is trying to squeeze the last little bit of life out of my HTC Wizard (8125) the TILT touchscreen became unresponsive and has been retired. I moved on to Android and the Dell Streak 5 back in Aug ’10. I miss WinMo and say so all the time. I hope a Good Windows Phone, large screen, high processor, comes out by the time I am ready to buy again. Dell Streak 2 (Opus 1) Dual core, 5″ screen, is rumored for 1st quarter 2012. Peace

  22. I got my groove on with the fuze and found fuze mobility be accident while searching for a case for it. From there, it was xda developers and flashing. Like a lot of you, I went through a couple of fuze’s and got the Tilt 2 as an insurance upgrade. Used a lot old and new tweaks on my Tilt 2 and flashed it many times but good things must come to an end and my Tilt 2 went belly up with 2 months left before upgrade and I had to go back to my Treo 750, uggrrhh! I didn’t like any of the WP7 phones that ATT was offering. Tried to wait for ATT to get a good WP7 in its lineup but jumped in to the little green bot pool with the Moto Atrix and got to say that phone is great and has some issues but small ones that i can live with. Still waiting for a good WP7 or 8 to grace ATT but for now I’m content with my Moto Atrix. Still wait for that 4G thing to get turned on here the the MIA. Experienced it at Disney World and dam what a difference.

  23. I bought the Tilt 2 the day before it was released! Was so great to finally get that Army discount put to good use :) I do NOT miss that phone… ugh.. what a pig.

  24. I never owned one of the “American Telephone and Telegraph”ized versions of the Touch pro, but I do own to this day a CDMA Diamond that I still use. Every day it is a reminder of what a blessing Windows Mobile has always been and how sad it is that Microsoft gave up on it and kicked everyone back to the stone age with their joke of a mobile operating system, “Windows Mobile 7”. If I do switch off WM someday, it will be to Android, which seems to be the closest thing to WM. How utterly sad.

    – 2 Bunny

  25. Android really is the closest thing to Windows Mobile 6.x that there is…and I have a Windows Phone 7 as my work phone…I like it but it has now “power user” features to it.

  26. Interesting Brian and 2 Bunny. Seemed like night and day to me.

    So when you say Android is the closest thing to WinMo, what are you saying, that on Android, as with WinMo, you can do wild things like change your ringtones, turn by turn software and tether out of the box, use other web browsers or whatever, or are you saying WinMo sucked really bad and the thing that sucks the most between the current smartphone platforms these days is Android? You weren’t specific, could use some specifics before I am able to change my opinion about Android. I tried a WP for about a week, was impressed, made a very good faith effort to fall in love with an open mind but reverted to Android. Maybe I missed something?

  27. @Doug Simmons:
    Nope, you didn’t miss anything. “Windows Mobile 7” is a joke. Normal Windows Mobile users have been able to actually change their ringtones, browse the web, and install any application they want for ten plus years. Now we’re reverting to the equivalent of a “dumbphone”/”feature phone” that you have to toilet paper scroll your way through some goofy “tiles” and “Xbox Live” to see if I have tasks, appointments, or messages. Take a classic grayscale Nokia device for example – those did quite a lot with that tiny resolution grayscale screen back in the early 2000s. Now we’ve got VGA and even WVGA screens that we can’t fit more than six buttons or an entire today screen onto? Does “gross waste of pixels” come to mind, even a little bit?

    At least Android leaves an “upgrade path” for if too many developers quit on the real Windows Mobile, and Android is not only kind of cool looking but also lets you do stuff (only for some reason you have to sign up for a Google Inbox account to use the “Android Market Store”, which I’m not going to do. I have Android on my Diamond for those situations…). There’s a lot of control, but not a lot is even close to right “outta the box”. To start, it is a massive battery hog – always trying to automatically connect to EvDo when you don’t need it. There’s not even an easy way to turn on and off WiFi without going deep into the “settings” unless you download an addon. On my Diamond, I have a shortcut to the Comm Manager right on the today screen. I can decide right there if there’s going to be any WiFi or EvDo or Bluetooth or any wireless activity.

    All that to say, Android could be bearable when heavily tweaked. Windows Mobile was a good start though, they shouldn’t have just forgot about it.

    Thanks for the insight.

    – 2 Bunny


    Okay, so for the 2nd time in 2 weeks my Tilt 2 screen is unresponsive to touch. Have to use arrows and buttons and even then, there is no way that I can find to send a text message :-(

    I am in the market for a new/used phone and was searching the web and not sure what I should get. AT & T is my carrier and we’re not even to 3G everywhere here in rural Indiana. I am not ready to make a pact with the darkside yet and go to Apple for two key reasons 1) hate on screen keyboards (most used button is the back space arrow)!!!! and 2) hate iTunes!!!! Other than that, love the flow of Apple. I have been babied now for the past 3 years with HTC TYTN II and now the Tilt 2. Their QWERTY keyboards that my fat fingers adapted to quite well even while driving–only used to search phone numbers but never to text, of course ;-) Other than that Internet browsing is subpar and super SLooooooo and truly my main use with this phone is to be able to quickly dial numbers, quickly type emails and texts, and I love the Group Text and email features when coaching my daughters’ athletic teams.

    I truly am a layperson and I am by no means married to HTC and open to suggestions, but am wondering if I should get another Tilt 2 and have mine refurbished as a backup (talk on the phone approx 4,000-5,000 minutes per month (texting and email not included in that total), or if I venture into a new type of phone. I am not a patient learner and do not like to change all that much unless it is much like a turnkey, out of the box solution, and do not have a lot of time and knowledge to tweak the phone by downloading all sorts of upgrades and/or tweaking settings.

    Let me know what you guys think. I liked what I read about the Atrix above and would love to know more about that, but do not know if the Droid is even available on AT & T yet…

  29. @DAGCOGuy
    I went from a tilt 2 to the iPhone 4 and never looked back. The software keyboard on the iPhone 4 is just as good, if not better than the keyboard on the tilit2. And everything “just works”. iTunes? I RARELY ever use it, and coming up very soon with iOS 5, you’ll never really need to use it again.

    I personally recommend the iPhone 4 to anyone that is in the slight bit interested in apple. It’s not for everyone – some people worry they’ll be labeled apple fanboys simply for owning one. And some people refuse to believe that they make a good product – they don’t, they make the BEST product.

    In the end, buy the iPhone 4 or wait for the iPhone 5 and be happy with it :)


  30. I wish I had more feedback on this topic as to what is the unanimous choice for what to do. I would rather not enter into another contract term and be locked into a terrible phone for the next 2 years. If anyone would shine some light of whether I should 1) replace the touchscreen, 2) replace the phone with another Tilt II $80-100, or 3) replace the Tilt II with another phone under contract. I bought time by bringing my TYTN II out of retirement and just need some input please! Thank you Chris for your suggestion-it is often tempting, but really like having a QWERTY. Symbols are important in my typing and it sucks that the only way in iPhone to get to them is hitting the menu button and then having to scroll through…Would be nice if it would just type what I am thinking and punctuate correctly too ;-)

  31. @DAGCOGuy: I personally agree with Chris, I would tell you to wait a month and get the iPhone 5. but it appears you are a physical keyboard guy and if that is the case then I would aim you towards the Droid 3. It is the best QWERTY keyboard device I have ever used. Being Android, it is closest thing to your WinMo phones. It is super fast and the camera is excellent. Check out my unboxing of it right here: http://mobilitydigest.com/mobility-digest-reviews-verizon-motorola-droid-3-unboxing/

  32. @DAGCOGuy: Doug has good advice.

    I was a Tilt guy who moved to the Tilt2, and remain convinced that HTC had the best hardware keyboard a phone could have. From a businessman’s perspective, I believe the AT&T layout was better than the Touch Pro 2 brethren.

    My Tilt2 died recently. I was hoping it would last until the native Mango devices emerged. I now have a Samsung Focus, and love it. Even without the physical keyboard I thought s essential for me.

    The predictive text systems on the modern devices is much improved. I don’t use my wife’s Aria enough to speak to the modern Android experience, but I have an iPad2. And I believe the system on Windows Phone will serve you well. It is VERY fast, and I nearly never have to un-correct the auto correct (which I do quite a bit on my iPad.) I’m pleased with the speed, the accuracy, and the interface that let’s me choose which suggestion to jump to. Going “Keyboard Naked” isn’t the frightening prospect it used to be.

    That said — the truth is you can’t go wrong with any of the modern devices. The iPhone5 will be amazing, the Droid3 is a fine piece of hardware, and Windows Phone continues to surprise me with little flourishes here and there that make using it a breezy joy.

    I used to be a customization junkie, a tinkerer. Ad LOVED that about the old WinMo. I also hated how all these tech pundits would rave about “new” features on Android and iOS, which WinMo had been doing for years (like native tethering!)

    I am not so much the tinkerer anymore. I don’t have the time and energy to tweak this or mess with that. I set my ringtone once, and never looked back. I do check for new apps periodically, and keep up with the mobile landscape because I still have a lot of friends who ask me about phones. So your experience might vary.

    But whatever you do, don’t fear the virtual keyboard. I can in fact live without one, and I am willing to bet you can too.

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