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HTC Tilt 2 out of stock at AT&T

I was just strolling through the AT&T website and noticed that the HTC Tilt 2 was still being offered but was out of stock. I know this is not really news worthy, but it was AT&T’s last high end Windows Mobile phone after they made the horrible decision to skip the HD2 and let T-Mobile get it. I actually bought the Tilt 2 on release day, reviewed it, and then never used it again in favor of getting an Australian version of the HD2 that I could run on AT&T and still use 3G. T-Mobile’s version of the HD2, when finally unlocked, could run on the AT&t network, but not use 3G.

The Tilt 2, which ran HTC’s Sense UI and was the saving grace for Windows Mobile at the consumer level also sported a very nice slide out keyboard, which in some situations I do miss. On screen keyboards even on smaller screen devices have really evolved and even fat fingered guys like me can achieve a level of proficiency with them. With it’s chrome bezel, the Tilt 2 was a very sexy device and while thick because of the slide out keyboard, still fit in your hand nicely and worked well with one handed operation.

Even though many you may be wondering why this is even news worthy and is being posted, it is the original Tilt, that kicked off our community and started us on our journey to what is now Mobility Digest. Many of our readers are still around from our Tilt Site and Tilt Mobility days and it would be great to hear from you. If you were a Tilt owner, or Tilt Mobility reader, drop a comment and wave goodbye to Windows Mobile one last time, and let us know what device you are sporting these days. Let’s rock out this comment thread!

Lastly, there are lot of writers that have come and gone from our community, some I keep in contact with, some disappeared off the face of the Earth. Many thanks to them, especially Tyler Earman, Mobile Matt Chapman, Herg, Vince Koser, Ryan Kummerle, Phil Pietrowski, Chris Motch, and Steve Davis, who were good friends and colleagues. And thanks to all our current writers and readers. Please help keep us going. Send us news and tips, or just money. We ain’t picky which. LOL