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Mobility Digest Review: Wicked Audio Helix Headphones

Music to me is a must, everywhere I go I have it with me. It’s on my phone, and my MP3 player that I hook up in my car. The radio isn’t bad, but I much prefer listening to what I want without the commercials. One thing great about mP3 players is their portability, they allow us to be free to do the things we want. If you’re an active person you might have noticed that some headphones or earbuds just don’t like to stay in place, well that’s where the product I have today for review fits in. The Helix from Wicked Audio are made for those with an active lifestyle, they feature earloops like you would find on a Bluetooth headset that keep them in your ears while active. The Helix only cost $15, and for that price I was surprised at just how good they sound.

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: Wicked Audio

Price: $14.99

Overall Rating: 4/5


Wicked Helix

Swirl these ear blasters around your ear and feel free to jump, flip, spin, and groove at-will. These babies stay so snug on your ear that we dare you to try and ditch’em.

Models: WI-2000 WI-2001 WI-2002
Frequency: 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
dB Rating: 103 dB
Impedance: 16 ohms
Driver: 10mm
Chord Length: 4ft./1.2m


What’s in the Box?

The box for the Helix is colorful that’s for sure.

Inside you’ll find a brief user manual, the Helix themselves and two extra sets of earbuds. it comes with three sizes actually, one is already installed for you.

You can get the Helix in several colors, but I got the orange and blue combination for review. Not exactly my first choice but they’re not bad.  They’re in-ear style headphones if you didn’t notice, and they feature an over the ear part as well, this helps them stay in place while you’re active. The over the ear section is covered with a soft, clear covering making them fairly comfortable to wear. On them you’ll find a small ‘L’ and ‘R’ to let you know right and left.

Impressions / Review:

So for testing I used the Helix earbuds with my Zune HD and my iPod Touch 4th Gen listening to varying types of music. I found them to be fairly decent sounding overall,  much better than I expected for a set of headphones that costs only $15. The only issues is that they do sound a bit muffled, there is decent treble or highs but just not as high as I like them to be myself.

Putting them on is similar to wearing a bluetooth headset with an earloop. Personally I don’t care for earloops myself, but these aren’t bad. They are soft and comfortable and even if you wear glasses they shouldn’t be a problem.

I found getting them in my ear takes a bit of work really, I tried the different sizes and settled on the largest of them. They can bit a bit uncomfortable until you get them in your ears just right. My ears might be more sensitive than yours, but when putting them in I can feel the plastic of the speaker housing and it feels a bit sharp to me. This is only when your first getting them in, or pushing them into your ears though, then they’ll settle and you won’t feel it anymore.

The Helix do stay in place while active, I ran around and shook my head and they stayed put, so they work as they should.



For the price the Wicked Audio Helix headphones aren’t bad at all I think. I was truly surprised at just how good they sound for being so inexpensive.

The fit of the Helix is questionable, at least for me it is. The plastic edges of the speaker housing is sharp, the pair I got was anyway, and it can hurt the inside of your ears. You’ll only feel the edges of the speakers only when you’re inserting them into your ears though, once their in you won’t notice it.

The idea of the Helix is for them to stay in place while you’re active and this they do accomplish. If you have an active lifestyle and find other earbuds falling out when you move, then the Helix will solve that problem.



+Stay in place while active

+Decent sound overall

+Seem well made

+Come in different colors


-A bit muffled

-Fit can be awkward

-Edges of speakers are a bit sharp