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HTC Touch Pro II On June 5th For £519.99/$703.00

It’s a long Holiday Weekend for most of us, and how not a better way to start it off than by getting some very good news that Expansys is now advertising the HTC Touch Pro II for preorder! To be released on June 5th, the cost if you live in UK is £519.99 (includes VAT) or $703.00 USD if you live on this side of the pond!


I know we always get hyped up about new releases, but this device has really got some muscle to back it up! HTC has brought back the Tilting Screen that was sorely missed from the HTC TyTN II/ AT&T Tilt. Next they added a HUGE 3.6” WVGA Screen for your viewing pleasure. A surprise addition will be the zoom bar located at the bottom of the screen to easily increase the size of pictures, web pages, or anything else in between, A spectacular 5 row QWERTY Keyboard, 3.2 Megapixel Camera with auto focus, and a new version of Touch Flo 3D that we have all been talking about! One thing to keep in mind, is that this is the European release and the device at Expansys will not support US 3G. Sorry, don’t blame me , I’m just the messenger!

So if you will not be able to contain yourself and hold out for a Carrier Release of the Touch Pro II to save yourself some money, head on over to Expansys and pre order your Touch Pro II today!

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