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Funny AT&T and T-Mobile merger videos by the Free Press

There shouldn’t be anyone left who hasn’t heard in some form or fashion that AT&T is “attempting” to acquire T-Mobile for a very heft price tag of 39 billion dollars (gulp). This merger of course has more than raised a few people’s eye brows and suffice to say is being met with a lot of resistance. Leading the charge is CEO Dan Hesse of Sprint crying foul and claiming that it would stifle competition and only raise prices to consumers, something AT&T is saying differently to. 9 to 5 Mac is reporting that Senator Herb Kohl, D-Wis who chairs the Senate’s Antitrust Committee is also against the merger and is recommending regulators block this marriage of pink and blue. It also appears that a handful of other Democratic Lawmakers are also jumping on Sprint’s bandwagon and saying this would be unfavorable and moving to block the merger.

Of course where there is controversy, there will be a consumer advocacy group flooding material to promote their stance on any given issue. One such group called the Free Press has released 4 very humorous parody’s of the T-Mobile and Apple commercials to further broadcast their opposition to the AT&T and T-Mobile merger. No matter how many different commercials appear using this template, they all seem to be pretty funny. Enjoy and stay tuned as we continue to watch the AT&T saga unfold and whether or not the Death Star turns Pink.