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TileNotes Pro: Voice to Text, Reminders, Quick Access and more….

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I was looking for an easy to use, quick notes app last week and revisited TileNotes, an app that has been in Marketplace for quite a while. It did what I needed to do, is FREE, and the Developer also provides a way to send a note from your desktop to your app. Neat stuff.

Not sure how I missed this one, but today the developer released Ver1.1 of TileNotes Pro, a 0.99 app that offers a whole lot more:

Organize your notes with a "metro" style interface. 
- Add notes with SPEECH TO TEXT* control!! 
- Add vocal notes 
- Assign a reminder to a note
- A lot of colors available for your notes 
- Possibility to pin a note in home screen 

* Supported languages for speech to text: 
English (US) English (UK) English (AUS) 
French (EU) French (CAN) 
Spanish (EU) Spanish (MX) Spanish (US) 
Chinese Cantonese Chinese Taiwanese Mandarin 
Portuguese (EU) Portuguese (BR) 
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I have tried the voice to text feature several times and it is currently running near perfect, with 7 out of 8 notes  printing exactly what I dictated. Of course, just like a voice text, there are limitations, like; no punctuation, single sentence, etc. There are setting options to pin the Microphone feature to the Start screen and also to automatically send any Microphone notes directly to Start. Once a note has been created, you have options to; send via email or text, edit, delete, change color or set a reminder date and time. And those are “real” reminders, not the silly toast notifications.

I have the TileNotes Pro and Microphone icons pinned side by side on my Start screen. So, say you want to create a note. Tap the Microphone and after a short pause the app will instruct you to start speaking. Tap Stop to end your voice to text recording and the new Note will appear at the bottom of your Start screen.  You can stop there or tap the Note to set a reminder date/time, forward, edit, etc. If you do set a reminder, the date and time will be displayed at the top of your Note. Brilliant. You can also create a voice note, I suppose for longer dictation, but I honestly haven’t even tried that yet.

TileNotes Pro also offers all the great features of TileNotes, like; scrolling through each note without having to open them, selecting one of thirteen colors (more vibrant colors than the WP defaults), sorting Notes by color or date (ascending/descending). Oh, and don’t forget that web app that allows you to forward Notes from your PC directly to the app (Notes have to be retrieved on the phone-not automatic).

If you are looking for a way to create quick notes and reminders, without having to type anything, and not have to tap anything to listen later, then this app is for you. It does cost 0.99 but there is a free trial. Didn’t bother with the trial so not sure what restrictions, if any, you may encounter. You can find TileNotes Pro in the Marketplace here.