This morning an uproar was caused when it was reported by WMPoweruser that HTC confirmed that they had no plans to deliver a high-end flagship device for Windows Phone this year. I admit my first reaction was a mixture of smug “I thought as much” and “truly a sad day”. Then my curious nature came to the surface. I started to follow the digital source trail until I landed at the original article. The original article paints a slightly different picture than the above referenced article produced by WMPoweruser.

The article is basically dealing specifically with the Android platform and the difference between last year’s One Series of phones launched (One X, One X+, One S, One V) and whether or not HTC might follow up with a “+” version for this year’s one. So there you have it folks. I know it seems like HTC has mailed it in when it comes to Windows Phone commitment but until we get to the fall and still not see any indications of a follow up to the HTC 8X I’d encourage you to step back from the ledge.

Here is the link to the original interview posted by Omio if you’d like to read it: HTC Talks To Omio

Sources: WMPoweruser; Omio


  1. My HTC Titan 1 experience has really soured me to HTC. I eventually went through 3 Titans and it was still buggy. I know that these things can happen but with how well Nokia supports their devices, and at the rate that they are cranking out great apps I may be sticking with Nokia for a while.

  2. Why wouldn’t these OEMs just stamp out Windows Phones of the high-end variety simply by burning down different firmware and slapping different logos on the high-end Android phones they’re making? Why watered down specs relative to what they’re capable of doing (and are doing)? Isn’t this something Microsoft could fix with some more money?

    Like it or not, people, and people who write things those people read, are drawn by specs, ram, pixels, gigahertz, gorillas, cores, however unnecessary they may be to improve the actual user experience of a given device.

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