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Smart Shopping gets an Update – v3.1.0.0

Told you about Smart Shopping back in December here, and it has gone through a few additional updates. Today, V3.1.0.0 was pushed out and gave me enough reason to change my rating from 4 to 5 stars, which is really rare for me. The app was good before but has now gotten even better. All of the suggestions I made in my first post have been implemented along with a bunch of new stuff. How about buttons in the bottom tray that are hidden until the app senses you need them. Easy navigation to different stores/lists, a good coupon tracking feature, email capability, and all new, fresh icons. If you need a shopping list and have not tried Smart Shopping I urge you to download the Trial and give it a try.

From the developer:

You can find the app in Zune Marketplace here. Note that you need Zune running on your PC for the link to work.