Looking for a reason to justify buying that HTC phone in your possession over the Samsung Focus or Omnia 7?  Mango Roms are available right now for most all 1st Gen HTC Windows Phone devices.  The notable exception is the Surround (Mondrian).  Take that Samsung and LG!

I gotta say, I have been planning on HTC Surround leaked ROM dropping soon and updating my device soon.  One of the reasons why I did in fact choose a HTC device over the Focus on AT&T.  I’m sure as more and more time passes that the jailbreak/hacker community will get more and more proficient at getting their hands on ROMs and creating custom tweaks to the OS.  Good times are getting even better as the sweet taste of Mango draws ever closer.

Check the source for full details.

Source: Pocketnow


  1. take note gents… how does this affect the update process going forward? if microsoft pushes out an update ota or through zune…will these roms get them? walshed hastiness taught us a few things…

  2. I’m personally of the mindset that i’m grabbing a Mango device anyways so no big deal. Mango will drop soon enough in any case.

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