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Ximad Releases Two Windows Phone Games: Ape The Wall and Zuminja

I love Ximad games because they make slick games and pay attention to the little details so it’s always great news to hear that two new games are available for Windows Phones. The first is a freebie called Ape the Wall. This is a single touch game where tapping jumps to the other side of the wall and you need to get power-ups and avoid anything in the way. It’s simple but a lot of fun and the graphics are shard with smooth animations. You can grab it here.

The second is a Zuma style game which is $1 but unfortunately has no trial:

Do you want to know a secret of a good game? Take a few pandas, add some Ninjas and put them into a fun scenario. So easy! Zuminja is very similar to popular Zuma game. You shoot from a cannon with Ninjas; three of the same color put together explode. Faster colorful Ninjas appear and the game goes on at a higher speed. Enjoy 20 unique levels of Panda on Ninja action, and don’t forget to alternate your tapping finger, we can’t be held responsible for how addicting this game is. Do you want to know another secret? We had real Pandas played this game and they loved it! Today it’s only 0.99 for a full game. Hurry up to get it! This is a limited offer for the first hundred of Ninjas players.

I really hate that there’s no trial but it does look solid. You can find it here in Marketplace.