Ah, this is the saving grave for the HTC Titan if this is indeed true and it is indeed the titan getting the love. After reading about it’s Android sister with Beats, it made little to no sense why the WP7 version would suffer with no Beats Audio integration. The Titan is looking more and more like my new device. Lets see how this plays out.

HTC is delivering the Beats Audio goodness to some Android devices after their investment in Beats Electronics, but now it appears as though Windows Phone devices produced by the Taiwanese manufacturer will also get the love.


source phonearena


  1. Well, I’ve decided to go with the HTC Titan over the Samsung Focus S, because I can no longer put up with Samsung’s shitty firmware and update fiasco. I have a Focus v1.3 on AT&T, and I still haven’t received the security update at all. It was delayed, and I can only believe it has to do with Samsung. This is the second time Samsung phones have had a screw-up with updates, and Samsung has also had some issues with their Android phones as well.

    So as much as I’d love to have an incredibly thin phone with a Super Amoled+ display, I can’t do it. When Samsung learns to make their shit work, I’ll think about coming back. As for Nokia, if they can ever get off their ass and do anything compelling, I’ll give them a look. But I’m done waiting on them. They’ll be bought out before they even get their first Windows Phone devices on the market.

  2. Pardon my ignorance and perhaps I’m missing something here, but where in this article does it say that the Titan may come with Beats Audio? Is it simply because the Anroid sister phone will have it? Has HTC made any statements about including Beats on the Titan?

  3. “I believe your Mango update is scheduled for Tuesday the 27th.”

    I’ll believe it when I see it. This is AT&T after all. But I’m specifically talking about the security update which was issued months ago, and even the Focus v1.4 has it. But the much more prominent Focus v1.3 was delayed, and still no sign of it.

    Oh it doesn’t matter. I plan on upgrading in November, and it will have everything on it.

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