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Kinoma Play update: Twitter location (and more!)

Here’s what’s new and improved…


Kinoma Play’s Twitter app is now location aware. A new Set Location command in the Profile tab lets you enter a location, or use your phone’s GPS to choose your location from a list. A list of recent locations makes it super-quick to update your location.


Plus, a new Nearby search (GPS required) shows you nearby news, views and gossip. Who needs a watercooler when you’ve got Kinoma Play?


  • If a message contains links to a YouTube video or Flickr image, Kinoma Play now opens them directly in its YouTube and Flickr apps rather than launching a web browser. It’s much faster, and (unlike a web browser) always works.
  • The Twitter app now shows the source (web, Kinoma Play, API, etc.) of individual tweets.


Start now has separate tabs for Applications and Settings, making it easier to find and launch both.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Flights time zone conversions are now more reliable.
  • Although Kinoma Play is incredibly compact and efficient — only 7 MB of RAM, compare to iTunes’ 125 MB on Windows! — we still add optimizations to nearly every release. For this release, we focused on improved behavior in low memory situations.
  • We hired a thousands monkeys to stomp on a thousand phones running Kinoma Play for a thousand hours, to see if random and unexpected input could crash it. We found that a few especially-clever monkeys could crash Kinoma Play this way, so we added safeguards to prevent that.
  • Okay, that last item includes a small exaggeration.Instead of using monkeys, we actually used a selection of low-level testing utilities. But we really did add the safeguards.
  • Thumbnails now appear faster and look a little better. (Yes, both speed and quality are improved. )

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