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Valkyrie HD Comes to iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and the new iPad

Wow, the screenshots for this game look amazing, I can only hope it will be ported to Android someday. Valkyrie HD is actually an add-on for Galaxy on Fire 2 which is a space shooter type game and it’s a continuation of the game essentially as it picks up where players left off.

Features of Valkyrie™ HD:

• All 3D models rebuilt from scratch for console-quality visuals and a crystal-clear gaming experience on iPad 2 and iPhone 4S

• Assets, such as jump gates and asteroids, feature even more textures and up to four-times the original resolution

• Individual texture sets for all 30 spaceships including diffuse, normal, and specular maps in High Definition

• Enhanced background images and resolution on space environments and planets for a crystal-clear gaming experience on iPad 2 and iPhone 4S

• Additional light sources for atmosphere and breathtaking realism

• Additional OpenGL shaders and post effects as well as heavily revised explosion, engine flare and muzzle flash special effects

• Native support for HD resolutions of 2048 by 1536 pixel (new iPad / iPad 3), 1024 by 768 pixel (iPad 2) or 960 by 640 pixel (iPhone 4S)

Valkyrie™ HD is now available via in-app purchase for the price of $ 4,99/ EUR 3,99/ GBP 2,99

In the course of the launch of Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD – Valkyrie, Fishlabs has also made the infamous Kaamo Club available in High Definition. This floating den of iniquity can either be obtained in-game or purchased via in-app purchase and used as a storage facility for valuable goods and additional space ships.

About  Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD – Valkyrie:

The new storyline of Valkyrie™ HD confronts Keith T. Maxwell, the hot-headed protagonist of Galaxy on Fire 2™, with a sly and devious opponent. When a high-ranking scientist is kidnapped and the prototype of a revolutionary new technology is stolen, Keith has to team up with the secretive Deep Science society once again in order to save the universe from its impending doom on the hands of a power-crazy maniac. On board of the mysterious Valkyrie station, which is commanded by the shady weapons dealer Alice, he ends up right in the middle of a tight net of betrayals and intrigues, whose sudden conclusion results in an unexpected twist and thundering show-down that puts the safety and freedom of the whole galaxy at stake.

Check out the brandnew trailer for Valkyrie™ HD, which illustrates the differences between the SD and the HD version of the game:

Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD on the App Store:

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