We were trying to figure out if any Windows Phones were getting the Tango update so I started to connect my Windows Phones to my PC to force Zune to take a look and I realized I’ve got more than I ought to. A Focus, Focus 2, Titan and Lumia 900 (and that’s after I got rid of a second Focus). Of course, they fit well with my ExoPC sporting Windows 8 (which I can’t say enough god things about) and an old Netbook (Dell Mini 10) that now flies with Windows 8. And yeah there are more lying around not shown -a work laptop and my desktop PC, and of course there’s an Xbox with Kinect over here and an old HTC HD2 that I refuse to part with, oh and an Arc Touch Mouse that rocks. I love them all though.

I think my only problem is I needed to grab an iPod Touch to take the photo (wow is that grainy).

Any way, share what you’re sporting in the comments.


  1. Still on the original Focus (no hint of any update yet, still got a disappearing keyboard once in awhile). Got my HTC Fuze in the drawer. I need to find a good home for it, but aI doubt anyone will ever appreciate it again. And, got an 11-year-old PC on WinXP.
    At the end of the year I’m planning on upgrading to a good Nokia Windows Phone 8 and PC to match. Just not sure if I might need to get a Surface too-definitely drooling over it!

  2. First smart phone was the Dash on T-Mobile. From there upgraded to the HD7, and yes, I bought it on the first day it came out. This spring I switched to the evil AT&T just so I could get the Lumia 900. When I bought it I kinew there was a chance it couldn’t be upgraded to Win Phone 8 and I was okay with that (don’t regret the choice one iota). PCs and laptops all over the house all running Win 7 in one version or another except for a Windows Homeserver (the first generation), a Windows Homeserver 2011, one machone running Vista (never had an issue with Vista – never understood the complaints), and an old HP Tablet running Windows 8. Oh and I have two second generation Zunes and two Zune HDs. Not a single Apple product in the house except for the ones in the refrigerator. Yes, I am a Microsoft Fan boy.

  3. Had a Diamond and iPAQ 4150 until Microsoft Screwed over their mobile line, so when the Diamond bit the dust, I had to move on to a Samsung Epic with Android. Guess it’s the only option left. Still have the iPAQ and the Diamond too.


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