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I don’t have a problem, I have a solution

We were trying to figure out if any Windows Phones were getting the Tango update so I started to connect my Windows Phones to my PC to force Zune to take a look and I realized I’ve got more than I ought to. A Focus, Focus 2, Titan and Lumia 900 (and that’s after I got rid of a second Focus). Of course, they fit well with my ExoPC sporting Windows 8 (which I can’t say enough god things about) and an old Netbook (Dell Mini 10) that now flies with Windows 8. And yeah there are more lying around not shown -a work laptop and my desktop PC, and of course there’s an Xbox with Kinect over here and an old HTC HD2 that I refuse to part with, oh and an Arc Touch Mouse that rocks. I love them all though.

I think my only problem is I needed to grab an iPod Touch to take the photo (wow is that grainy).

Any way, share what you’re sporting in the comments.