Man it’s like the same old record. The Ice Cream Sandwich announcement really has some incredible things going for it. The photography apps are particularly stunning with real time photo stitching and some awesome built-in editing all while shooting photos with zero lag. There was dictation in real time that was pretty damn accurate (not perfect even in their demo though). There’s some really high end data management too that will surely please techies who can now see what’s eating their data and control the services. And the ‘people app’ that was entirely lifted from Windows Phones. All neat stuff.

But then there were the typical fails. So they introduce a revolutionary, new font called ‘Robotica’ which is again a name that’s not very personal (like all things Google that are robotic and not personal). Fine, but minor. What about their new face detection system that is going to eliminate the need to use passwords and digits to unlock your phone? Yeah that failed on stage and locked him out. Not to mention that I presume you can bypass this with a photo of someone. Then they went to show off how to respond to a phone call with an autotext and the phone glitches green, flashes and…it looks like it rebooted but they cut it off. Something crashed hard though.

So, I’m flattered by all of the Metro designs that they brought to Android, from the new font to the magazine style and tile elements. But really, in the end it’s the same old Android. Show some crazy innovations and really slick concepts all while the phone is crashing and is unstable. Just business as usual for Google.


  1. let’s not talk about how mango was supposed to drop in january with cut/paste. the phone is going to be released next month so i’m sure by the time it hits, it’ll be well polished. I was super impressed by the UI changes and font (who gives a crap about the name???), and I’m seriously looking forward to a very optimized UI/OS.

    Oh and as for the photo face recognition – I’ve tried it on laptops with face recognition. It doesn’t work. And I don’t think it’ll work with a phone either. Especially one built by Google…

  2. @nikhil s
    You can only be “super impressed” with UI compared to previous Androids. They just replaced tacky chrome to tacky neon.
    Ok, so the app drawer does look ok, but overall, still fugly as hell. A long way is still ahead of them in that department.

  3. Impressed by the UI? I’m and iPhone owner and can’t really claim my phone has a great looking UI, but at least it doesn’t cause temporary blindness, fleeting insanity, and the desire to stab my neighbor’s cat. The android 3.x and 4.x interface is horrible!

  4. I have always thought that Android was an immature windows ripoff inspired by the “Anything But Microsoft” crowd, before even the iPhone.
    All the OS have their pros and cons. None of them will be exactly what you want all the time.
    On My Dell Streak 5, Android, I probably won’t see another official update cause the OEM gave up on it before it ever had a chance. Not because Android sucks.
    And it is not nearly as bad as my beloved WinMo 6.x was.
    Still bummed their presentation blew it, as written here. Was it all bad or is there still hope? Like WP7.5, which still doesn’t offer the device I want, but a device I would have to settle for. As in the Titan.
    Still hunting, Peace

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