The next version of Android is getting set to be released as many people have been claiming and rumors have been suggesting. Now we have it straight from Eric Schmidt, that we can expect to see Ice Cream Sandwich coming in October / November:

“We have a new operating system, internally known as Ice Cream Sandwich for some reason, which is being released in October/November, which everyone’s really excited about.”

Ice Cream Sandwich, which is supposed to end the fragmentation between Android’s smartphones and tablets is a much anticipated relief to tablet owners less then impressed with Honeycombs UI. Honeycomb is the latest OS for Android powered Tablets as Gingerbread is the latest OS for Android powered smartphones.

The comments made by Eric Schmidt come at the 30:25 mark of the following video taken from an exchange between CEO Marc Benioff and Schmidt.

The end of the year is shaping up nice for Android Fans with a possible Ice Cream Sandwich powered Nexus Prime?

[via Android and Me]


  1. “Honeycomb 3.1 is the latest OS for Android powered Tablets as Gingerbread 2.3.4 is the latest OS for Android powered smartphones.”

    My Desire HD got 2.3.5 installed. 2.3.4 is obviously not the latest version.

  2. Removed the version numbers entirely. They are irrelevant to the article anyway and I did not research them. I have been hacking around on 2.3.4 stock devices like the Droid 3. Thanks for the heads up and sorry for the inaccurate info.

  3. I love how that excites you, Murali, you and Pradeep and Surur, the prospect of Google or anyone not hostile toward Google getting sued. It’s quite becoming.

    I understand that it’s just too much to ask of you guys to root for WP without rooting for some sort of legal decapitation of Google and Android so I’ll give up on that. But I wonder why that’s too tall an order, so let me try to get inside your head and see if I can empathize:

    Yay, let’s write an article about the Samsung 7.7 display rack coming down at some German ComicCon thing, yay! Oooo some analyst guy said Motorola was a mistake, high five everybody! You know what would be great? If Apple could get some judge to FORCE HTC to only make WinPho phones! Die HTC you bet on the wrong horse! “GOOD NEWS EVERYONE,” Google Korea offices raided due to Android antitrust concerns!!!! “I cannot wait to see the result of this entire debacle with Google. I feel like they deserve everything they’re getting.” “I told you google is dirty. There is more to come.

    How long do you think it took me to find those? About as long as WPs takes to boot (pretty quick). And all from the same recent thread.

    Did you know that googling “windows phone” and android gives you roughly the same number of results? Not making that up. Clearly it’s impossible to be vocally pleased with your WP device without fantasizing vocally about the death of Android, typically by patent trolling means (since it’s unreasonable even to the irrational that consumers will switch to WP by natural seduction of a superior product, gotta have legal coercion).

    I was reading this Endgadget bit, normally a WP-friendly site, on the impending Nokia N9 (MeeGo device). Almost every comment was very superlative about how they’re drooling for this sweet ass phone and why won’t they sell it in the US and how they think it’s funny that in addition to illegal drugs they’re going to start smuggling Nokia N9s into the US from Mexico.

    See if you can find me an inverted thread on some other site with a bunch of Europeans not getting dying to get their hands on the Sea Ray and whatever else rather than the N9 of the dead platform.

    Actually you know what, don’t stray too far from this site and WMPU, it’s too dark and cold a blog world beyond this pond for you to handle.

    Sheesh, Murali. Go Android /and/ go WP!! And c’mon Google, release some WP software!

  4. @Doug Simmons: Nexus Prime? Nobody’s going to pay any attention to that. The next, greatest and king of all time phone will debut one week before and after the prime.

    Is the updates and new features already known to Android devs? Serious question because I honestly don’t remember that ever being said. Having a new OS update that bridges the tablet and phone experience is nice. Just would like to know what features are present. Its important seeing that tons of phones are clamoring for Gingerbread.

    To each his or her own what phone and OS they prefer. Not one second will be wasted by me worrying, pissed or flabbergasted as to why people don’t get that Windows Phone is awesome for me.

    There are literally hundreds of phone options out there so whatever the flavor we’re all bound to find something we all like.

  5. Murani, I’m paying attention to the next Nexus. I’m glad Google still does the Nexus thing, in spite of poor sales. Some people want a GSII, me, I want anything Google hands the Nexus name to. Different strokes is right, and Android satisfies not just a lot of strokes overall, but a lot of different strokes too, and that’s good. By now Google probably can do some math and guestimate the Nexus Prime sales better than you, and I’m guessing you’re fairly right, but they’ll still keep it up. What’s your point.

    My point was along the lines of another fun fact for you to both suck on and explain to me why it’s the case: Microsoft appears 18,400 times on WMPU, which is a site about Microsoft products (ostensibly I should say), yet Google pops up 26,600 hits. To rephrase, Google is brought up 45% more frequently than Microsoft on a Microsoft-enthusiast website.

    Your thoughts on that?

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