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Is popularity of Samsung Galaxy a real headache for Google?

Should Google really be worried about the success of Samsung with Android devices?

Last year we had read few analysts and bloggers saying Google is afraid of Amazon while Amazon was busy releasing Kindle HD. Well they made few good points, but we really haven’t seen any kind of knucklehead reactions from Google, which we would normally see whenever someone is really scared of something. galaxy_smartphones_v2

Now for the past few days on twitter, and blogosphere we are reading few thought processes saying Google is scared of Samsung and today we read a reaction from Google’s own CFO saying Motorola phones never Wowed anyone. With stunning popularity of Galaxy devices including popular Galaxy Note brand and Galaxy SIII and the upcoming Galaxy S4, do you thing Google should really be worried about Samsung?

To support this thought process Google could have released a Touch PC similar to Chrome Pixel with Android instead of Chrome OS. But Google chose Chrome OS, because Google has total control on Chrome OS while OEMs have almost no control, which is similar to Microsoft’s control on Windows Platforms, where as Google doesn’t have any control on Android hardware.

Amazon scares Google Sources:

Samsung is a threat to Google Sources:

What do you think?