• Mango is shaping up to be awesome.  If the OEMs deliver some stunning hardware I see no reason why Microsoft isn’t firmly in the conversation for platform of the year.
  • Microsoft has been nice enough to provide demo videos for those who missed the live event.  They re included below with our thoughts on the announced features.
  • Here’s Joe Belfiore to start things rolling
  • Start Screen
  • Joe Belfiore’s demo is so much more clearer and explains the features better than Lees presentation so we’ll stick with that.  Take a moment to check out the start screen also and be sure to hit the comments on your thoughts.





    Source: Mr. VIP Ramon Trotman


    1. Murali, no they haven’t shown everything. That’s one of the reasons I was disappointed with the live press conference. What they showed was fantastic. But they left so many things out. The two guys they had doing the press conference were not very good, and they really needed Joe Belfiore to do this, because he’s so much better at it. They really needed to show off the entire Mango update in much greater detail. They glossed over way too much. They didn’t show off any of the enterprise features, visual voicemail, voice-activated turn-by-turn nav, Zune and Smart DJ, Searching apps, etc.

      Microsoft is doing a lot of great things, but they are doing a poor job of market all these things, in my opinion.

    2. @Joe: In fairness to Microsoft, Brandon Watson has said time and again that they don’t want to show their hand too soon. Last year Apple copied Xbox Live by introducing GameCenter and with over 500 new features it will be a nice surprise to see the navigation and smart dj type of additions unveiled in a roll out type of schedule. With still more than 3 months away from any kind of release i’d say they have plenty of time to trickle out info.

      Plus WWDC is upcoming so i’m sure that played a part so that MIcrosoft could have things held back to counter the buzz that is most definitely coming out of WWDC.

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