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Scholastic Adds Two Clifford Titles and Another I Spy Title For Windows Phones

Scholastic had previously released I Spy Riddle Race and Word Girl for Windows phones and it’s not added to their lineup. The latest releases are Clifford and Go, Clifford, Go@ and Match Attack (I Spy). Here are the details:

First up is Clifford which is $.99 with no trial available:

Clifford the Big Red Dog™ & friends share their BIG adventures for kids on the Windows® Phone! Help Clifford, Cleo & T-Bone give Jetta ideas of things to paint by spelling words. As they play, kids experiment with letters & letter sounds and learn to spell three-letter words. Kids are guided toward spelling the words by choosing from a selection of letters from Jetta’s painter’s palette. Once a word is spelled, watch as a picture is painted of the word to show its meaning! Clifford’s BE BIG with Words is a great word game for kids who love Clifford & love to learn! Building an understanding of words through alphabetic awareness is critical in cultivating reading skills in young children. CHARACTERS FROM THE HIT TV SHOW ON PBS KIDS® Clifford, Cleo, T-Bone, Emily Elizabeth & Jetta have lots of word-building fun in store for kids! OVER 100 WORDS Build a child’s vocabulary with 115 three-letter words that are age-appropriate & found in everyday life. WORD-BUILDING, SPELLING, & VOCABULARY Kids learn how to use letters to build words in an engaging way along with their beloved friend, Clifford. Additionally, they learn to associate words with the objects they represent, an essential skill for language development. PHONICS Once a word is completed, each letter that spells the word is read aloud. Additionally, each word is pronounced showing kids the connection between sounds, words & their spellings. BUILDS CONFIDENCE Vocabulary words are pre-selected, so kids always will be able to spell a word and become familiar with its meaning. FUN REWARDS Watch as Jetta paints a picture of the word and Emily Elizabeth, Clifford, Cleo & T-Bone show its meaning

Next is an animated eBook called Go, Clifford, Co! which is $3.99 with no trial (and yes, a few ipad references along the way):

Join Clifford the Big Red Dog™ for a BIG reading adventure on the Windows Phone! Read as Clifford learns about all kinds of moving vehicles such as a truck, a plane, train and more! Watch as Clifford and objects animate on every page with a simple touch of the finger or tilt of the iPad! GO, CLIFFORD, GO! features lively narration, music and sound effects on every page that bring the story to life and make reading fun for kids. After reading the story, kids can play a game with the vehicles they read about in the story to collect bones for Clifford! Perfect for preschoolers, GO, CLIFFORD, GO! encourages your child’s love of reading with an interactive reading experience that is fun and engaging. FEATURES: PLAY ALONG WITH CLIFFORD Play along with Clifford as he encounters topics kids love like trucks, trains, planes and motorcycles whizzing by! READING BROUGHT TO LIFE Lively narration, original music, and sound effects make it easy for children to engage with the story. PHONICS: Individual words highlight as they are read aloud to aid reading skills; settings options allow parents to turn off music and narration so that the child can read the story on his/her own or have the story read to them—just like a physical book! LEARNING EXTENDED: After reading the story, kids can play a replayable action game to drive vehicles they just read about in the story to collect bones for Clifford.

And finally I Spy Arcade: Match Attack which is $.99 without a trial:

I SPY Arcade is a new series of gaming apps inspired by the brain-teasing play of I SPY®, the best-selling seek and find books and games from Scholastic. With addictive, fast-paced gameplay that’s easy to learn but tough to master, each I SPY Arcade game features 65 levels of mind-bending play! In I SPY Arcade: Match Attack, determine the relationship of objects as you race against time to clear the gameboard and advance to the next level. Clear the moving objects on the gameboard by matching them with objects from the shooter. Objects will match in different ways, so you’ll need to pay attention at the beginning of each round to learn how they match. Collect power-ups to eliminate multiple matching and non-matching objects or to stop the gameboard from closing in. Clear the gameboard before the objects reach the shooter to win. FEATURES: BRAIN CHALLENGES Objects will match in different ways from exact matches to things that go together like a racket and a tennis ball. Or, objects can be rhyming objects or objects that start with the same letters. The match criteria changes with each round! PROGRESSIVE PLAY LEVELS 65 levels of play that increase in difficulty with each passing round. POWER-UPS Collect power-ups to eliminate multiple matching and non-matching objects or to stop the gameboard from closing in. BONUS LEVELS Unlock ‘Super Challenger’ rounds featuring the toughest gameboards to beat! PERFECT FOR KIDS Arcade-style format keeps kids entertained while gameplay offers on-the-spot logic, visual discrimination and classification skills to keep their brains charged.

Edutainment is good stuff…