I’m really starting to appreciate what Justin Angel is capable of. I mean he goes at these things but not for harm but rather to keep everyone level. In his latest effort, he’s taken a stab at the HTML and XAML apps in Windows 8 and found them entirely hackable:


So he was able to change the source code to the Windows 8 Twitter application Twit@rama:


And he’s going to share his method for reverse engineering and modifying HTML and XAML apps this weekend. Why does this matter?


Well hopefully this is a wakeup call to Microsoft and there’s some form of obfuscation that they can roll out over the next year to protect our PC and the intellectual property of developers.


  1. The previous private email convo that shall remain private we had earlier David? The one about my line of work? Yeah, this was the NUMBER ONE concern we had while discussing this earlier today at work.

  2. Considering this is an early early (alpha) preview and these are more or less sample apps, I’d say the situation wiill be taken care of upon rollout.

  3. I remember hacking the heck out of the developers preview of IE4 way back when. By the time the final version was out it was a completely different application.

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