You might want to take a look at this first.


But whatever you do, don’t buy this.


That is all.


  1. I wouldn’t buy anything that runs Windows 8.

    Just bought a new 2013 Macbook Air (i7, 8GB and 512GB SSD). I got on a plane last Saturday from DC to Honolulu. Used my Laptop for over 11 hours and still had 4 hours of battery life left when I got to my hotel, and I didn’t have to use an OS I loathe.
    Oh, and the build quality and overall satisfaction ratings from almost every review and professional opinion I’ve ever read say that there is merit to the cost of an Apple laptop. I didn’t believe it until I bought two of them.

    For sale: 2010 full loaded HP Envy 17. Cheap

  2. Glad you’re liking your new Macbook Air. I hear it does get amazing battery life. Its running the new Haswell which i’m sure Apple went to great lengths to optimize battery life.

    The thing is that there are comparable Win8 laptops being launched with similar or better battery life. The key difference is that you have a clear preference for Mac OS X over Win8. No point in arguing about what is better because people like different things.

    I will say that your battery claims seem to exceed what even Apple has been touting so not sure how much hyperbole is being included.

    You get what you pay for and I have no doubt if you spend over $1800 on an ultrabook you’re going to be pleased with the purchase.

  3. Read PCMag’s review:,2817,2420468,00.asp
    They got 15+ hours

    Read anandtech’s review:
    He pulled over 11 hours on a heavier test. And 16 was indicated when he dropped the brightness.

    Read theverge’s review:
    They got over 13 hours on their test. So long that the camera they used to make a time-lapse video of it overnight ran out of battery.

    Yes, apple claims 12 hours, and YMMV, but the consensus from the reviews is that it’s at least as good as claimed.

    And most reviews will readily call the MacBook Air the best ‘ultrabook’ on the market, and use it as the benchmark for which all others are compared to. The best keyboard, the best trackpad, and now the best battery life. Sure, there are computers with ridiculous screen resolutions, blu-ray, and NFC, but none of those things are important in the ultimate travel-ready laptop, which is EXACTLY what the MacBook Air is.

    And as far as OS preference, I have Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012, and Windows 7&8 on this computer as well (I need them for work – I make my Apple-buying money fixing shit that Microsoft software breaks)

  4. In all fairness Chris, I was comparing the Lenovo to the MacBook in the photo, not your just released machine. If you want to go there though, I paid $2400 for my last MPC laptop in 2004. Until 2010 it averaged at least 12 hours usage per day and handled everything I threw at it; AutoCAD, video editing, etc. Best laptop I ever owned. And when I sold it in 2012 for $150, was still working fine. I think we can at least agree that you get what you pay for, most of the time.

    Reality though is most people (including me now) can’t afford $1,199, $1,849 or $2,400 for a laptop. But they still need, and deserve, a good (maybe not great) machine. Those selling the under $400 laptops should be ashamed, and all it does is create a bad image for the PC industry. They are only designed to outlast their warranty by a bit. I assume your suggestion for the average guy would be to keep saving your money, but I believe most users would be happy with something like the Lenovo. Lot of value there for the price.

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