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iLuv Announces The World’s First Kindle Audio Dock

A dock for an eReader? Interesting, but but then again the Kindle is much more than an eBook reader. The new Kindle Fire is doing well and iLuv thinks you need an audio dock to go with it, and they might be right. Personally I’m not one for audio docks, just give me a decent stand and I’m happy. The new audio dock is just called the MobiDock and supposedly provides high quality audio for your Kindle. The price is only $69.99, which I think is low compared to many others out there.


Built with dynamic acoustic speaker chambers and powerful amplifiers, MobiDock delivers high quality audio performance as you watch movies or listen to music with a richer, deeper sound experience. Holding the Kindle in place are the robotic arms of myBot® OmniFit Technology™ which automatically grasp the edges of the device, adjusting for various widths to accommodate the Kindle Fire or Touch e-Reader. The audio dock also comes with a micro-USB port to charge your Kindle device. Moreover, because the Kindle connects via a 3.5mm jack, MobiDock can also work with any smartphone that accepts a 3.5mm connection.

The MobiDock will be on display at iLuv booth #13036 at CES January 10-13 in Las Vegas. The booth will also feature iLuv’s full Kindle Suite and line of mobile accessories for every lifestyle.   

Pricing and Availability:
The MobiDock (iMM375) will be available at select iLuv retailers in May and will have a street price (SRP) of $69.99.

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