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Good Call iG1 -the New Bluetooth Handset for Cell Phones

This is interesting, this is the first time I think I’ve actually seen or specifically seen someone using a girls shapely bottom to advertise a phone. I wonder how they went about finding a model for the ad? Not a bad job if you could find it I guess?! (I mean being the ‘talent’ scout…). Anyway the Good Call iG1 is a Bluetooth handset for your iPhone or any BT enabled phone that makes it resemble a landline. Price will be $79.99 and it will be available next month.

As smartphones get smarter, they also get dumber to talk on.  How often have you said, “Call me back on a landline?”  For Mark Sabbagh, it was one too many times and it was the galvanizing force behind the formation of GoFusion and its debut product:  the Good Call iG1.

Arriving next month at Target stores and online at the GoFusion web site, the Good Call iG1 is the new Bluetooth handset for cell phones that delivers landline comfort and wireless functionality to iPhone or any Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. 


The Good Call iG1 is ideal for iPhone owners as it charges and syncs your iPhone with iTunes, and harnesses the power of Siri to make voice dialing effortless and easy.

“I love my iPhone, but it’s difficult to talk on for extended periods of time, plus I was concerned about prolonged exposure to cell phone radiation,” said Joe Sabbagh, President and Founder of GoFusion.  “Unlike a lot of uncomfortable headsets and ear buds, the Good Call iG1 provides the reassuring heft and performance of a traditional landline, so I can now use my cell phone number as my primary means of business and personal communication in a convenient and safe fashion.”

Ideal for the office or home, the Good Call iG1 lets you make and receive crystal clear calls in comfort – something that has been forgotten as technology continues to make cell phones smaller, thinner and harder to manage.  The stylish, ergonomically designed iG1 also eliminates any potential long-term hazards that cell phone radiation may present.

The Good Call iG1 will premier at Target stores and on next month for a suggested retail price of $79.99.

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