Okay, how many of you were heading to the comments straight away to light me up about how the HD2 is NOT the hottest device out? LMAO! Well it is! If you don’t believe me, check out the following video!

It’s Hot Baby!!!



  1. I have watched full length movies back to back with out issue and without the phone getting hot or even mildly warm. Smells phishy to me. Until I see something official or more people reporting the same thing. I’m not going to worry about it. The hottest my phone has gotten is a slight bit warm and that is after a good bit of tethering with it. Still not as hot as the Fuze used to run doing anything.

  2. looks like just a rare faulty phone to me. and if the battery blew up how the heck is the back cover still one?? lol and the screen isnt even cracked.

  3. I can’t wait to get my iPhone 4 and ditch my Fuze! After all these years of dealing with balky, clunky Windows Based devices, I have had it. The touch screen on even the latest devices from HTC at AT&T still is a joke. And it COMES WITH A STYLUS! How advanced! I hope WP7 has a stylus too!

  4. Wow looks like the battery problem that the iPhone was having… if its lithium ion or polymer, it’s basically a ticking timebomb in your hands….

  5. Actually, I did have a similar issue happen to my Tilt. Was at the doctor, the phone dropped about a foot. The doctor picked it up, handed it to me and I laid it on my shirt, which was on the exam table. A couple seconds later, it went off like a smoke grenade! Burned a hole in my shirt and a small hole in the table. (Glad neither of us held on to it for a couple seconds)

    It did stop shortly, but was too hot to hold for quite awhile. I had a snap-on type case, which seems to have kept enough air out to keep it from really catching fire. The back of the phone was a melted brick, but the front looked okay.

    It was under warrantly, but took several calls between AT&T, HTC and Assurion to get things straightened out. That’s how I got my Fuze.

    All in all, I’d say it must be something rare that does something like short out the battery. But not a common problem, thankfully.

  6. guys guys guys! ITS A FAKE! he said “in the morning” but the a minute later he said “he called T-Mobile and made an order 3 days ago” THATS A DEAD GIVEAWAY

    dont believe this, he probably had cosmetic damage or somethin and just tourched the damn thing and i know for a fact T-Mobile would freak out over something like that

    this guys a joke

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