imageYes, Apple is releasing iMessage which is effectively BBM for iPhones. So you can send messages between iPhones without sending texts and get read receipts and that sort of stuff. If it sounds like BBM for iPhones it is and that’s the gift and the curse. As much as people love BBM, the huge limitation is that it’s a BlackBerry only thing. A closed system that requires everyone to use the same device as you. Yeah it gets the job done some of the time but it’s limited by its very nature. What does this have to do with Windows Phone 7? One word: Messenger.

How many people actively use Messenger? 300 million. No typo there. From Messenger you can chat with Messenger users or with Facebook users and there are already 25million people who have connected Messenger to Facebook to integrate them. And of course, we already have the ability to use the same app on our PCs so wherever we are we can continue to chat whether it’s from our phone, at our computer or even using Xbox and you can be signed in to multiples locations at the same time. Both Android and iPhone have Messenger apps so it’s not limited to Windows products. It’s truly cross platform and has the largest presence of any messaging service already.

Of course the number of users will only grow as Windows Phones get more popular and overtake the iPhone by 2015. In other words – this is just the beginning of the end.

iMessage will go the way of Ping in no time. Text messaging – watch your back.


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  2. iMessage wants people to get used to the term IM for messaging as if others haven’t already made the term commonplace. They have run out of vision and now are resting solely on the fact they have a significant user base. Its funny how they used to bash Microsoft for such behavior but now that the company has finally achieved a significantly large user base of their own they realize this is how the big boys do it.

    People looking for a cool messaging all in one look no further than LIVE. On your phone, pc, xbox and all other leading mobile platforms.

    So go ahead iMessage and do your worst. Make BBM obsolete forcing millions of users to wander aimlessly reading for another integrated experience. You know who does integration really well on the mobile scene? Windows Phone. Kaboom!!!!

  3. Yeah we will see… I don’t typically keep an IM app logged on my phone. More useful when at a computer not a phone. I use ms communicator for work and gtalk for friends. Texting serves a different purpose.

  4. You forgot Skype. If that is also integrated as part of a unified MS messaging service as in Mango, thats compelling.

  5. Is this gonna work WiFi 3g 4g???? With the cap i dont think they will enjoy using this thing…
    Imagine using using this as primary messaging??
    Att and verizon said o hell yeah now this farts are force to switch to unlimited data which $60… Wow… Good luck idiots……

  6. @ed: this will be no different than texting. Always on – pushed to the phone.
    @efjay: true but I presume Skype integration is still a little off. Somewhere north of 660m users – probably about only 50m regular/active users. Add em up though and make the mobile presence grow and it’s a shitload.
    @ant_129: on WP7 it’s not an IM app – it’s built into the text messaging app so it’s indifferent.

  7. @DavidK: The fact that IM is now an integrated experience gives users the best of both worlds. You don’t have to worry if an app is available to chat, its on the phone and it’ll just work.

    Skype will debut as an app when Mango arrives and I expect it to be an update around MWC 2012 time.

    The major point that Apple touted is the number of users they have but Live Messenger is the most used messenging app plus its appropriate on the desktop for someone like you ant_129. Its a clear winner.

  8. I wonder what will MSFT call Skype chatting with wp7??? Any idea…
    Can’t wait for a 4.5 screen front facing camera windows phone…..

  9. @brianna a lot of bloggers doesn’t understand the power that MSFT has just because they relax a couple of years ago it doesn’t mean they done…. All the innovation MSFT doin ryt now is a sign that they will take over what ever is up there….

  10. @ed
    I agree. It seems that the last time Microsoft was serious was from 1990s to early 2000s. Then Microsoft suddenly scale back for some reason.

  11. They were playing it cool cause they were hamstrung by the Justice Department under the antitrust stuff they went through. The time period Microsoft was under their watch just ended so now they can show us how it is really done.

  12. I’m really looking forward to imessage, the encrypted nature, always on, push notification elements are what I really look forward to. Automatically moves between SMS and data based messaging as well. Bbm killer for sure.

    As for messaging services, I don’t give two shits about ms messenger, no one I know uses it outside of this website’s microcosm (everyone uses gmail or Facebook).

  13. @chris dude I’m glad Apple is implementing this, but ur wrong about the ms messenger!!! There’s a big user base out there that is connected to all major I’m clients except BBM.. Check your shit before u say something

  14. @Ed I understand there’s a big user base. No one I know uses it. So again, I personally don’t give two shits…

    Check your shit before you say something. Reading comprehension buddy. :)

  15. This, like face time is apple trying to make sure people use their shit and their shit alone. They will make commercials, and rely on the “hey, what’s that cool thign on your phone?” word of mouth to make people run out to get the latest iPoop, and convince their friends to get is so they can do whatever proprietary crap between their closed environment proprietary laden devices.
    It’s gonna piss apple off when they release this and find out that even on their own devices it’s not going to really cut into/eliminate iPoop owners from useing facebook chat, or Live.

    Or can the iPoop do FB chat?

  16. You all should listen to apple podcast and android podcast…. They all dumb… Except Leo laporte and Paul thurrot…..go check it out….
    Apple copied!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!

  17. @Sean, iOS can use every kind of chat, VoIP and video calling you can do on any other platform except video chat in google talk.

    @Ed aside from your personal investment in a wp7 device, what so you get out of being so ridiculously vocal for wp7 when it’s clear that MS has drastically screwed up with it thus far (sure there are great features COMING) – whats to brag about to this point?

    Davies post is doing what it was designed to do: get wp7 fanboys like you amped up with information that really doesn’t mean anything….

    Omg. iOS does chat. They copied!

  18. @Chris, yes iOS can use almost every form of chat but they are all independent of each other. With WP7 Mango you can use all the different popular chats seamlessly without ever leaving the current screen.

    Its funny how people talk about iOS device numbers but when Microsoft touts their enormous user base its all “but nobody uses their service.” My wife has an iPhone 4 and guess how many times she’s used Facetime? 3 times! Thats not a typo.

    The walled garden approach is a fear play. They see Android surging and trying to lock in as many people as posssible into their way of doing things. The fact the update comes in the fall gives it about 9 months to lock everyone in. Once the ads for Windows 8 start rolling out the symmetry between the tablets, pc and phone will have the same effect the Windows 7 “I’m a PC” had.

  19. Murani, I do Facebook, aol, jabber, yahoo, msn, and myspace in one place. The service runs via push notifications and works even with my encrypted chat for work.

    Beejive is boss.

    FaceTime is great. I use it all the time with my kids and my parents. I use other video services like skype more, but FaceTime is simple to use and works really well. Sure, I have my iPhone jb’d so I can do it over 3G, but even when you have to use wifi it works with no complaints.

    Apple may copy features or maybe take the guess work out of others, buy in the end, like Davd said, even if iOS 5 was NOTHING, MS would still be 12-18 months behind in terms or market penetration and word of mouth with mango. Since iOS 5 ISN’T ‘nothing,’ you serious fanboys are going mad over this stuff. How many more anti-apple posts are we going to get before someone just admits that theyre worried that ms is really screwing up how they’re handling the mobile market?

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ve been using the iPhone 4 since launch because no one has been able to show me a better quality device with more functionality that I get from my iPhone. Show me something better & I’ll consider changing. Very unlikely that will happen anytime soon. Everyone keeps saying that those who dont like wp7 haven’t used it, but I was playing with it again last night and I’ll be sticking with my iPhone 4 until the 5 comes out later this year.

    Anyway, I’m an extremely satisfied iPhone and iPad user. I wouldn’t switch to wp7 if you paid me to. Well, I have my price, but you can’t afford me.

  20. Ey @chris you still haven’t answered my question!!!! How did ms screw it up?????
    Quality??? Please!!!! I don’t know what Steve jobs put on those devices… Seriously!!!!!
    I’m not anti Apple I repeat!!! I like to be different!!!! And wp7 os is different… Oh now MSFT is catching up in marketing and word of mouth”??? Wtf!!! I remember haters said something like this, MS IS LATE IN THE GAME, MS IS CATCHING UP LOL….. now What??? Apple copied features, and by the way the camera function on the volume button is just STUPID….. SO ANSWER MY QUESTION CHRIS……

  21. MS has a long way to go before WP is considered a contender. Beating BlackBerry OS is certainly possible, but Android and iOS are a long ways out. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the top two it’s that Apps make the OS. MS needs to push faster updates and lobby a few hundred thousand apps. Beejive is boss, in the US most people use GTalk for chatting as AIM is dead.

  22. @nick MSFT is trying….MARK my words!!!! To separate from app centric phone… And I dig that….
    In the future all this important apps will be integrated to the os it self !!!! apps???? Nah… I don’t care how many apps IOS and Android has, dont really matter in the future!!!! People will start to realize MSFT is really doing a good job…..

  23. The one thing that MS doesn’t have going for it right now is the app store. It sounds like it is getting better but when MS is producing apps first for the iPhone rather than their own platform that should tell you something. I was told on another post the reason why MS gaming apps are more is because they don’t want to under sale their xbox live brand. WTF? That statement alone will keep me away from their platform. Why would I want to pay 5 times more for the same application. I was already pretty pissed when I found out angry birds was free on android. That all being said though, I am cheap, doesn’t apply to everyone.

  24. I don’t buy your argument. What happens when you receive a text message or Messenger msg in WP7? You get a notification. What happens when you receive a text message, iMessage or Messenger msg in iOS? You get a notification. On both phones, you tap that notification and can reply. Sure, in iOS you’ll be taken to the Windows Live Messenger app rather than the Messages app, but so what? You’re still connecting with your friends. The only difference here is that sending is better integrated in WP7, where Messenger and Facebook are built into the address book. Is that really an iMessage killer? And what would that mean anyway? Not a thing. It’s just another messaging system. You want real traction? SMS has about 2.5 BILLION active users. Beat that, email – and any other text messaging protocol.

  25. @Chris:

    Chris, I won’t disagree with you that the iphone is an excellent device and the market leader. As a developer on the platform amongst others, we will have to agree to disagree whether that is deserved, however just to clarify, this statement:

    “How many more anti-apple posts are we going to get before someone just admits that theyre worried that ms is really screwing up how they’re handling the mobile market?”

    I assume you mean WP7 being so late to market. You seem to have a good understanding of the market so I assume that is a broad understanding on the technology market, Microsofts delay was impuned on them as opossed to self inflicted, with 6.5 they were so heavily limited under Antitrust that they had no ability to intigrate whereas their competitors were not hampered by this restriction nor scrutiny.

    By saying that you prefer something over Apple, it does not make you anti-Apple, I have several Apple devices, I just prefer a WP7 device as a mobile option. In our constant discussions with Apple’s team I assure you they are not overly concerned by Android, they are focused on extending to protect themselves against Microsoft. You can see this in their response to devs, we are being heard like never before by any request to Apple for ios5, which is great but it shows their concerns.

  26. Answer : ” As much as people love BBM, the huge limitation is that it’s a BlackBerry only thing ”
    Thats what make us ” Blackberry ” owners special .. see you buy a blackberry with BBM = the most perfect and sufisticated messangeing system ..
    for those of you who never used BBM before , its a very powerful messenging system for Blackberry users that you can share/send files , locations , photos , videos , voice notes , even share calanders and appointments , create group and also do all these functions ..

    want a cross platform im app .. get whats app . on ur iphone , wp7 , android , symbian . etc ..

    the best thing about a blackberry , u will also have yahoo , msn , icq, aol , gtalk , facebook messnger all right out of the box .

    * Windows Phone iMessage To Kill BBM?
    x3 N’s …….. No , Never , Not even close ..
    WP7 as an OS still soo mature .. for many of you who dont know .. its still so bugy and lacks many apps ..
    also the OS comes with great dissapointment .. that cant send files or re files with bluetooth .

    Blackberry for Ever .

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