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iMessage To Kill BBM? iDiots…WP7 Will Slaughter You All

imageYes, Apple is releasing iMessage which is effectively BBM for iPhones. So you can send messages between iPhones without sending texts and get read receipts and that sort of stuff. If it sounds like BBM for iPhones it is and that’s the gift and the curse. As much as people love BBM, the huge limitation is that it’s a BlackBerry only thing. A closed system that requires everyone to use the same device as you. Yeah it gets the job done some of the time but it’s limited by its very nature. What does this have to do with Windows Phone 7? One word: Messenger.

How many people actively use Messenger? 300 million. No typo there. From Messenger you can chat with Messenger users or with Facebook users and there are already 25million people who have connected Messenger to Facebook to integrate them. And of course, we already have the ability to use the same app on our PCs so wherever we are we can continue to chat whether it’s from our phone, at our computer or even using Xbox and you can be signed in to multiples locations at the same time. Both Android and iPhone have Messenger apps so it’s not limited to Windows products. It’s truly cross platform and has the largest presence of any messaging service already.

Of course the number of users will only grow as Windows Phones get more popular and overtake the iPhone by 2015. In other words – this is just the beginning of the end.

iMessage will go the way of Ping in no time. Text messaging – watch your back.