We’ve mentioned this game not less than 4 times already because it simply looks that sick. And in our last post, we mentioned that the release date was December 9…hey, that’s like NOW! Yup, it’s available for $6 for iPhone 3Gs, iPhone4, iPad and iPod Touch 3rd/4th gen.  Oh and don’t think this will install over 3G since it’s 318mb!

You need iOS 3.2 or newer and it’s verified for iOS 4. And I hate to do this, but I’d let Steve Jobs have a few dollars for the privilege to play this game. It looks insane. With that said, I’m not asking the wife for the iPad (tonight) so if you test it out, tell us what you think.


  1. I bought this.. oh.. and hey, I installed it via 3G…


    Anyway, the game looks incredible! They’ve already announced upcoming additions to the game as well. A must have to anyone with an iPhone 4 for sure.

  2. the difference between YOUR 3G and MY 3G, is that I get about 3.5MB/sec downloads, while you’re stuck in NYC with about 30-40kb… :-p

  3. I’m on the 3rd Bloodline in this game. It gets better every time :) The first run through is a training session essentially. The graphics are insane, but what’s more, if you play the game with headphones on, you’re treated to some incredible scores and sound effects. 10/10 in my book! I strongly urge anyone with a supported iOS device to buy this.

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