Ramon’s big Missing App for Windows Phone is Instagram.  Personally, having never used it at all, I don’t see the attraction; but then, I said the same thing about Pinterest until I created an account.  (Although, I haven’t used it in a while. Call it my short atten…SQUIRREL!)

Well, WindowsPhoneDaily.com is saying that CrackBerry.com has pictures of a BB10 running Instagram. BUT, they also point out the supposedly, the BB10 can run Android apps, so maybe it’s just BB10 running the Android app.

Me, I’m still waiting on Pandora.  Early 2013, remember? Yeah.

Picture source: crackberry.com


  1. Well they do have a lot of third party apps for Pandora that work great. One thing windows phone has to start doing (I am sure we all know) is get these popular apps faster. It seems to me that there are only a few really popular ones that WP need to get. (temple run, instagram, minecraft…etc). My son loves his Nokia 920 but he still carries his iPod around to play those games. We all know how great WP is but the lack of those popular apps is a real game changer for many casual smartphone users. Having the better phone is great, but not having the apps that people want to use with it is not great..

  2. The one thing I really need to know is why people look at or point toward MS as the reason these apps don’t exist? Aren’t the developers the ones responsible…? For apps with “big names” (fuck, i hate saying that) like instagram MS can’t just create the apps and put them out without getting sued, am I right??
    Does instagram make their API’s available like facebook does?

    With that said I want to toss my own opinion out there. And please think about this before you dismiss it. I believe *someone* is paying developers to NOT build for WP8. I don’t mean your typical exclusive deal, but literally telling them I will pay you to stay off of MS.
    I’m sure you’re thinking, “Why doesn’t MS pay them”.
    I’m pretty sure they have offered to pay them, and probably offered to do all the development work as well. MS has made it very clear they are going to go all out to get the “big name apps” (again, I HATE that!) And seeing as how they have been VERY generous with tossing around loot to get company;s under their umbrella, I’m almost 100% positive they offered instagram money to come to WP8. But what’s enough and what’s too much? Yeah, facebook was crazy enough to toss billions at instagram, but does that mean MS should do the same just for an app for a shitty app that will HOPEFULLY prove to be as much a fad as myspace was? It’s not a question of developmental costs, because creating for WP is pretty damn easy… Rovio tried that same shit with angry birds, but c’mon… with as much money as they have they really tried to use a money excuse??

    No matter how popular an app is I’m pretty sure they developers STILL want their app in more people’s hands. Instagram is no different. Take if for what it’s worth, but I personally wouldn’t be surprised to find out a company like google would stoop to doing something like that considering some of their recent business practices. The mobile device world is built largely off of ignorance, and everyone hears the ignorant, “I may have to leave MS if they get instagram soon!” Google is LOVING that dumb shit right now.
    So instead of constantly screaming about “MS won’t do this or that” why won’t somebody actually investigate why certain apps are really missing? What’s the reason, who’s at fault, and why?

    Just my $0.02

    Fuck instagram. ;-)

    • One more thing, if you were to find out something like what i said is actually going on would that be enough to make you stop using instagram, or is it that important to you?

      • I have no clue if they release the APIs it not. That would be something to look into. Although if they did, I’m sure we’d have 3rd party apps already, so I’m leaning towards “No.”

        Sine I’ve never used it, it really isn’t important to me, personally; it’s important to the platform in general, because of the amount of nay-Sayers using it as a measuring stick the the mobile d***-measuring contest.

        I’d like to say your idea about people paying to exclude apps from any platform is worth thinking about, and worth investigating, but that implies a level of cynicism I try to avoid. If it *were* true, then we simply need to stop faking that we believe in free markets and simply give in to our Corporate Overlords. I’m pretty cynical about that, but not quite at that point yet.

    • Ah, well, as the market share is still Very Small, ROI is still a viable answer. But it’s also a circular one: without market share, corporations won’t develop for the platform, but without those “big name apps” (BNA? to paraphrase a fandom term), Joe Q Consumer won’t buy into the platform.

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