At times like these I’m reminded of the sage phrase “Money talks, B.S. walks”. There is clear momentum taking place for the Windows Phone platform. Phones are selling better than ever, apps are back to being updated regularly, popular apps from iOS and Android are making their way to the platform and more are coming very soon. So what is Microsoft to do/ Simply, get the most in-demand and popular app Instagram on the platform ASAP. Open up the pocketbook, plunk down whatever you have to, build it yourself if you must and wrangle approval deal from Facebook. I’m sure the only thing Windows Phone users and would be converts care about is that it is present and accounted for.

Listen, I get that the delay in bringing the popular app to the Windows Phone platform is mostly on the Instagram end of things. I’ve come to understand that I’m not a Microsoft proponent but a consumer proponent. The consumer is using Instragram everyday to share their favorite pictures to an ever-expanding social network. Microsoft you must get Windows Phone into the action. Furthermore it isn’t terribly difficult to imagine an optimized Windows Phone version being the best of the bunch.

Think about it. An Instagram app that is fast and fluid, integrated into the People Hub and Photo Hub, lenses support, quick sharing, sharing between associated apps. Make it happen Microsoft! We’ve seen the amazing things developers can do just by looking at the amazing amount of features Nokia keeps adding to their Creative Studio Suite.

Again I make this plea. Microsoft prioritize getting Instagram live into the Windows Phone Store. To borrow from Andre Agassi “image is everything.” Buyers don’t care how Instagram comes to the platform they just want to know that it is there. You’ve done far too much good work in Windows Phone 8 to let something as simple as a group of petty developers get in your way. I know you can do it now all that is left is to get it done.


  1. Well if they dont want to make the app for WP, there’s not much anyone can do, is there? There’s obviously no technical reason and since they are now a part of Facebook its unlikely they would be looking for a payout so that leaves unwillingness on the app dev’s part and seeing as Facebook did not develop the WP app and have said they wont be making a Windows 8/RT app either its actually not all that surprising. And there’s really nothing anyone can do about that, is there?

  2. This is all on Instagram. I believe If anything at all is MS’s fault, it’s they don’t want to toss the money that instagram thinks they are worth.

    Again, I truly believe someone else (google, or apple) is behind this one.

    /conspiracy theroy off.

  3. Hey Murani, suppose Instagram continued to snub Windows Phone but announced an official app for Firefox OS on The Verge tomorrow, would you admit that’s at least a little bit funny? C’mon.

    • I’d think it was more than a little bit funny. Firefox OS seems to be quite the darling OS right now.

      I wonder how Google will react to the support it seems to be getting.

      I’m trying to stay away from conspiracy theories but it doesn’t make a lick of sense why Instagram hasn’t at least been announced for the platform other than purposefully denying the platform.

  4. Really don’t get what the big deal is, don’t even know how it works really, only that people go on about it, sounds overrated

    • The big deal is that uses on the iPhone deemed Instagram cool and by proxy everyone else is lame for not using it. It is stupid to me and I think Microsoft could have easily pumped marketing resources and coding help to the developers of Fhotoroom and built the network up rapidly. Heck, if Fhotoroom was on both Android and Windows Phone it could be like WhatsApp and be a prime contender and the fuss over Instagram would be lessened considerably.

      By nature i’m anti-crowd so I reject the concept of needing Instagram. It is much more about the brand than anything else.

  5. I think this is ALL in InstaGrime. They not only refuse to make the app, they block other developers from uploading to their service. They seem to just be MS haters.

    On the other hand, how does Microsoft have ANY credibility when they can’t even get their OWN divisions (Photosynth & Skype) to put out a final product on the platform, but they keep updating the competition.

    I honestly couldn’t care less about Instagram. The people complaining about it will complain just as loudly for the next app that gives them iEnvy.

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