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Ximad Brings Bombit! To Windows Phones For Free

Ximad is at it again with another great release for Windows Phones. This one is called Bombit! and it’s their take on the classic style game where you need to strategically plant bombs to get rid of the bad guys (the ninjas) while leaving the good guys (pandas) in the clear. I’ve taken it for a run and it’s very well put together and you’re isntantly hooked. Just the right balance between challenge and strategy that works well.

Here’s their description:

The cutest rivalry ever created, Pandas vs. Ninjas, is back like black on white, in this new physics based puzzler, “Bomb It!” by Ximad.

Ninjas are after Pandas yet again! It’s like, c’mon Ninjas, get some girlfriends or something. This time the sneaky Ninjas imprisoned the Pandas in mighty towers of Amatsu-Mikaboshi and it’s up to you to free them!

Place bombs around the map to blow up the towers and rescue the noble pandas. Use as few bombs as possible to earn more points, trophies and achievements.

So take your finger out of your nose and start blowing stuff up!

It’s a freebie and you can check it out here.