What’s this something brand new from Skype?  This just hit my inbox at almost 3:00 a.m Mountain time.

So it looks like another way for all of us to keep in touch without hitting up our Wireless Provider Messaging plans.  Bonus is that it is available for all the major OS’s: Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, and yes Windows Phone.  So give it a go and let us know.

Here’s a screen of the email I received:





  1. In MarketPlace this application doesn’t state it is developed by or belong to Skype, there is no word of Skype.

  2. @Murali: Skype purchased GroupMe less than a month ago. It is a good bet that all the coding was done prior to all the documents getting signed. Just checked the release date and it says July 7th on Windows Phone. That explains the lack of Skype branding.

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