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Restrict the Photos in the TF3D Tab

I’ve learned that in bright light I really do like the Fuze’s camera and it’s actually a decent replacement pocket camera. But once you start using it a lot you wind up getting a lot of photos and your TF3D photo tab becomes less useful because you’re photos are only in date order (regardless of quality) and the good ones may require so many flicks away that inevitably you’ll just open Camera Album so you can go through a few pages at a time. There’s also that little problem of some people taking photos that they don’t want other people who are looking at their phone to see. So, let’s fix it.

The photos that are in the TF3D tab are actually the ones in the album that is set as your favorite. Oh, you didn’t realize that you could make mini-albums? All you do is make a new folder (I made mine in Storage CardDCIM100 Media and named it ‘favorites’. Then move your favorite photos to that folder. Now in TF3D go to the photo tab and press the left soft key ‘Album’ and then once it loads press the left soft key ‘Albums’ again and scroll until you find that folder you created. Once scroll to it, press it and then go to the right soft key ‘Menu’ and press ‘Set Album as Favorite’ and for now on your TF3D pictures will only show that folder. If you’re an OCD person you can make an album for every event.

There’s some wiggle room here, like you can set your favorite folder as your 100Media folder and then just make sure you move any photos you do not want to see out of that folder (if you make it 100media it will add subfolders though so you need to move it out of there). You should also know that setting it as your favorite here does not impact what happens if you go to Programs – Camera Album since that will remain showing all photos as the default regardless of the favorite album setting.

Sorry – this was a little longer than I thought so hit the jump for one list tip.

OK, one last mini-tip. If you want to change the order of the photos all you need to do is edit the photos since once you edit them they will become the newest photo and go back to the top. This is a little manual but it works. You also have to remember that if you want 4 photos in order you need to do this in reverse order (the last one you edit is the most recent). So the easiest way is to just move the pics to your PC and do any form of editing to them or just save them as a new copy so you get a new date made attached to it and then move it back. You can also go into Total Commander and go to the photo and press and hold it and then go to ‘properties’ and then on the right side of that screen change the date modified to another time (or ‘now’). Ok, I’ll give you a third option. Go to Programs – Tools -  Pictures and Videos and go to the picture you want to edit, open the photo, then go to menu in the right soft key and then ‘edit’ and then go to Menu and ‘Auto Correct’ and then Save As (it requires a new name) and it will make a new copy of the image. I haven’t noticed any changes with AutoCorrect yet by the way:) And skipping these steps and just going to ‘save as’ and assigning it a new name did not work for me but if it does with you please share with the community.

The other benefit of making albums is playing slideshows which is now a lot easier since you can limit the photos. Add this to TV Out and you’re on to something good…now keep taking those photos you were afraid to get caught taking before…and keep them to yourself. I really don’t want to know what they are:)