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How Can I Get Visual Voicemail?

Well our own David K. has a solution for that and it’s called Fusion Voicemail Plus by PhoneFusion. Check out Forums for more info HERE…

So what is Visual Voicemail by PhoneFusion?

Fusion Voicemail Plus™ by PhoneFusion™ lists all your voicemails on your cell phone screen – not just voicemails from your mobile phone, but from your home, office and any other voicemail box as well. A tap of a button is all that’s needed to scroll, listen to, call back, respond with a text message and delete voicemails in the order of your choice.

Sign up at An account will be set up for Fusion Voicemail Plus and you will receive an SMS (txt) message with a link to download the Fusion Voicemail Plus application to your mobile phone. Next, for all your voicemail systems (home, wireless carrier, VoIP, office, etc.) redirect or forward all your unanswered calls to your Fusion Voicemail Plus number (click here for help). All calls that would normally go to the other voicemail boxes are now directed to your single Fusion Voicemail Plus mailbox. Each time a caller leaves a voicemail, an SMS message is forwarded to your mobile phone, a tone is played and information displays on your handset screen. This information includes the date and time of the voicemail as well as the caller’s information. You can easily scroll through the list and select voicemails in the order of your choice. Tap the appropriate buttons to select, listen to, call back, send a text message and delete voicemails as desired.

Fusion Voicemail Plus is available now for handsets running Windows Mobile 5 and 6.

Thanks to David K. for the heads up…. Sign up for Fusion Voicemail plus HERE