I have been waiting for the download and at 12pm it hit. Downloading iOS 6 now and will be following up through out the day on how everything is working. Started on my iPhone 4S first and will follow with my iPad 3. Go grab yours now on iTunes!



  1. Hmm… I wonder if it will actually work now and not crash every time I use it? I also need to know why I have to give Apple my credit card to get free apps and games? I think there’s more than enough crap going on with stealing credit cards and hacks etc that I shouldn’t have to give them my CC# just to download something that’s priced at FREE ! It makes no sense to me to let them have my card just floating around out there for no goddamn reason at all. I mean it’s free so why do they have to have my credit card? Someone explain it to me please?!

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